How to Purchase a Diamond Ring

Before we set out to purchase a diamond ring, three points have to be considered. First, the stone has to be selected for the diamond ring. The second is the metal for the diamond ring and the third is the setting of the design. Love is eternal.

The tradition involving the exchange of giving a diamond ring whether it is for an engagement or a wedding differs from country to country and from people to people. In many places, both the man and the woman go out to select the diamond ring and in some places, a surprise purchase is preferred. When we give a diamond ring, the timing has to be right, the place has to be apt and the atmosphere has to be superlative. As the diamond ring typifies our feelings for our partner, we have to ensure that our partner really likes the diamond ring.

How do we go about finding this superlative diamond ring? In the beginning, we have to be totally aware of our woman’s tastes and her choice of jewelery. If we mean to surprise our companion, we have to be careful in finding out the special diamond ring that she desires.

A woman is first turned on by the stone in the diamond ring. The fire in the stone is more vital than its size. We do not have to buy the most expensive diamond ring but at the same time we cannot buy the cheapest. The stone has to appeal to our companion. We cannot buy a diamond ring that our companion will be rather embarrassed to flaunt in public. It could be an affordable sparkler from a recognized jeweler.

It is easy to make out how the weighing and the pricing are done for a diamond ring. A diamond ring is weighed and measured in carats, grains and points. There are twenty five points to a grain and four grains to a carat. That makes about one hundred points to a carat. The clarity in a diamond ring adds to the reflection and the spark. A dazzling effect is created by a well cut diamond.

The next step is to choose the metal for the diamond ring band. Most women like either white gold or platinum for their diamond ring band. If we make a keen study of our companion’s jewelery, we will get an idea of what her likes and dislikes are.

The design and the setting of the diamond ring have to be finely detailed while being plain. We have to know what is suitable for our companion’s choice and her style in life. While choosing the design, we have to know that the diamond ring has to be simple, practical so that it can be worn on a day in day out basis, must be adaptable to rough usage and at the same time it should hold the diamond well. The diamond ring should in totality make our companion feel grand and look great. When we are ready to give the diamond ring, we have to make sure that all the preparation and settings are suitable for her to relish that moment.

A diamond ring is mostly thought to be unbreakable but that is not always the case. Sometimes, diamonds are vitreous and they will chip if they are mishandled or hit hard upon. Therefore, a diamond ring should not be worn when we are doing rough kind of work.

When we are not wearing the diamond ring, it should be stored properly and securely in its box. If we keep the diamond ring along with other jewelery, the diamond may scratch the other jewelery. The best way to clean a diamond ring is to use the polish cloth that is supplied by the jeweler when we purchase the diamond ring.

Most jewelery shops will clean the diamond ring for you when they know that you have made the diamond ring purchase from them.

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