How to Purchase Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are forever. This is echoed over and over by Shirley Bassey in ‘Diamonds are Forever’, the evergreen Sean Connery Bond flick. Before we set out purchasing diamond rings, let us understand what a diamond is. It is a carbon based mineral. It is the hardest natural stone known to us. It is a precious sparkler. Diamonds do not possess any distinct colour and are non-transparent. Colorless diamond ring stones are most valued. Diamond rings symbolizes steadfast love.

Some people who are born in April are aware that a diamond is their birthstone and therefore they make it a point to purchase a diamond ring to strengthen the chances of good fortune. The diamond rings are usually worn on the fourth finger of the left hand as it is held that the vein in that finger is leading straight to the heart.

There are some important tips on what all to see when purchasing a diamond ring, particularly the factors of a diamond’s shape. A diamond ring could be brilliant round which is cut with surfaces and is the most sought after when selecting, say, an engagement ring. The oval diamond ring is a variation of the round one and it can look bigger when considering the same carat weight. The ‘Marquise’ diamond ring is a vertical one that is with both its ends pointed.

The sparkle of a diamond ring is determined by its cut. While nature provides the carat and the luster, the skills of humans define the fire and brilliance of a diamond ring. The clarity of a diamond ring hints at the colour and the small crystals that are found in a diamond. Though it is very difficult to select a diamond ring without any flaws when scoped under a powerful eyeglass of a jeweler, finding spots on a diamond ring is considered by several superstitious people as a harbinger of misfortune.

It is near to impossible to get the perfect diamond ring which contains all the characteristics in perfect ratio. The diamond ring is priced after checking and rating each of the four characteristics of cut, carat, colour and clarity. Before purchasing the diamond ring, it would be advisable to shortlist and prioritize which out of the four characteristics you would be interested in.

In case you prefer it to be a big stone shining on your finger, then clarity should be compromised upon. If you need more shine, then the cut will come into the picture and the carat or weight should be ignored as smaller diamonds will have finer cuts and, hence, shine more. The higher the percentage of ratio of each of these characteristics, the more expensive the diamond ring will turn out to be.

Though diamond rings are a good choice for an engagement or a wedding, the choice may prove costly when expenses are dictated by a stringent budget. The best option here is to search for recognized online jewelers who can provide a vast collection of brilliant diamond rings at rates that are much less than most stores that you are likely to visit.

When buying a diamond ring online, we have to be careful that the quality of the diamond ring being supplied by the jeweler is certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) which is the highest authority in diamond grading.

When budgeting for a diamond rings, the most important axiom is that it should not exceed a sum of your three months’ salary for any diamond rings.

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