Image from page 293 of “Life and light for woman” (1873)

Image from page 293 of “Life and light for woman” (1873)
Women's Interests

Identifier: lifelightforwoma44woma
Title: Life and light for woman
Year: 1873 (1870s)
Authors: Woman’s Board of Missions
Subjects: Congregational churches
Publisher: [Boston : Woman’s Boards of Missions
Contributing Library: Wellesley College Library
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the letter I would,—transporting you to ourmidst,—but you who have been on the field, will perhaps catch, evenfrom this, some idea of our privilege to be here now, the opportunity anddemands. Note.—See editorial paragraph for more recent news of our missionary work inMexico. Dr. Eleanor Stephenson writes from Ahmednagar, India:— It was a great privilege to return to India via China—it has meant forone thing that more than ever before I realize what a tremendously big-thing it is to be a missionary—and how very far short I have fallen ofreaching the standard set by your representatives on the field. How Ijust long to make a fresh start and prove worth while you cant conceive,and how I wish some of those at home who are just fitted to be the finestsort of missionaries could realize the great chance in China and Indiato-day. If those who hold the money could see Tientsin as I saw it,I dont believe our people there would be forced to refuse some of the 272 Life and Light [June

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THE DOCTORS AND SUPERINTENDENT OF NURSES AT AHMEDNAGAR Dr. Stephenson. Dr. Hume. Dr. Proctor. Miss Johnson. widest opportunities just for lack of funds—opportunities that may nevercome again. It just made my heart ache, and we have really just thefinest people,—the great pity is there are not twice as many! Peking is too wonderful in every way to attempt any description.Everywhere the work is on such a wonderful increase, one couldnt bepessimistic. The Chinese certainly are interesting. To think of apeople bothering to fasten whistles under the pigeons wings whichsound so weird as they fly, and to see the men walking about with birdcages giving their pet bird an airing! Our great big tortoise-shell rimmedgoggles now in style at home have been the thing for a thousand yearsin Peking. Then to see the thousands of graves all over the fields is asight to be remembered, also to hear that many of the tiny babies whenthey die have no graves, but are just thrown out in the darkness of nig

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