Image from page 386 of “American homes and gardens” (1905)

Image from page 386 of "American homes and gardens" (1905)
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Identifier: americanhomesga101913newy
Title: American homes and gardens
Year: 1905 (1900s)
Subjects: Architecture, Domestic Landscape gardening
Publisher: New York : Munn and Co
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Biodiversity Heritage Library

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ns in1835. The work, of course,has long since been out ofprint but copies may be seenat the various national li-braries. In it Edouart tellsmany amusing stories of thelittle vanities which many ofhis sitters evinced. Onegentleman, he says, who wasundershot begged him notto emphasize his lower lip,and in order to frustrate anyattempt to do so drew inhis lip and thus destroyed allchance of a likeness. Thelady with the nez retrousedesired that he substitute forit one of pure Greek, whilethe corpulent ones begged tobe portrayed slim and thethin ones plump. Edouart,getting impatient with hisvain clients, would turn hisattention to children whomhe loved to silhouette andwhose flower-like profileshe generally succeeded in re-taining. Edouart took his art veryseriously, and in order to re-tain a steady hand rose early,dieted himself and eschewedall wines and spirits. Hismemory for a face was re-markable and one of the best Silhouette portrait by Auguste Edouart of the Bishop of Kerry and wife

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curiosities, while the Sil-houettist who worked withscissors and brain only wasregarded as an artist whosework deserved serious con-sideration. Another celebrated Sil-houettist of the early Victor-ian period was a young artistnamed Hubard. Hubardhad a very charming person-ality, and as his work wasequally attractive his clientsnumbered many hundreds.Among his earliest patronswas Robert Browning, whosat for him for a very inter-esting profile portrait whichis now in my collection.Hubard commenced his workas a professional Silhouettistat the age of thirteen, andfour years later came to NewYork, where he opened agallery and cut portraits forfifty cents each. He wassummoned to KensingtonPalace, where he made aportrait of Princess Victoriaat the age of ten. HubardsSilhouettes are rare. Among other Silhouettistswhose work has been pre-served, and who flourishedduring the nineteenth cen-tury, might be mentioned E. (Continued on page 225) 224 AMERICAN HOMES AND GARDENS June, 1913

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