Infomercial Secrets & Unbiased Reviews

In this article I will show you how you can easily find unbiased infomercial reviews that corporations don't want you to see. These reviews were recently taken down from the internet. This is part 1 of a series of articles I will be writing about how to find valuable information about products before you buy.

Infomercials have been well noted for promoting products that appeal to all of us. In only a few minutes of air time infomercials try everything imaginable to turn all of us into an impulse buyer. They try to influence people by making very attractive claims about products and they always present us with a deal that we cannot resist. At one time most of us are guilty of at least thinking about purchasing these products. The question is do they actually work and do they live up to what the infomercial claims?

Some of us, whom still have curiosity, will go to the internet and try to research these products. Unfortunately it is difficult to find unbiased reviews on infomercial products. It doesn't take long for websites & blogs to remove reviews about infomercial products especially if they are mostly negative. Corporate legal bullying, lawsuits, threats of trademark infringement, and claims of brand defaming keep webmasters from keeping infomercial reviews on their websites especially if they are negative. These claims have been shown to have little to no legal basis. Small webmasters simply do not have the legal funding to constantly defend themselves as company after company continue to make legal threats. Many infomercial companies will file actual lawsuits and then later retract them after webmasters remove negative content. This type of "bullying" tactic has been quite successful.

Two successful "bullying" examples are the websites "" and "". Both websites were owned by the same person and were dedicated to unbiased infomercial reviews. These websites allowed the general public to post reviews on any infomercial product. Both websites have been in operation since about 2002. Over the years they have collected a wealth of valuable reviews submitted from other consumers who purchased infomercial products. Both websites have become very popular over the years and have become the leader in unbiased infomercial product reviews. Unfortunately both websites have been recently shut down permanently due to the corporate legal maneuvers mentioned earlier.

What many people don't know is that although the two mentioned websites have been shut down, many of the valuable consumer reviews are still available! There are internet archivers that crawl the internet and archive each website's content. The content is available to everyone free of charge long after websites shut down or change ownership. These archivers have created a time machine for most websites found on the internet. People can view these archives, go back in time, and see what websites like eBay or Yahoo looked like when they first started.

One such internet achiever is the "Wayback Machine" found at Typing in the website "" or "" at the "Wayback Machine" will present you with the history of these useful infomercial review websites. Within the "Wayback Machine" you can click on any of the dates, view, and navigate through each website as it was archived on that date. Most of the links within these websites were archived and are active. While the keyword search functions no longer work, the links can still be used to retrieve the valuable infomercial reviews that were recently taken down!

The information found within internet archivers is a corporate attorney's best friend. Archivers such as the "Wayback Machine" are always used as evidence in legitiment legal proceedings against fraudulent types of websites. As demonstrated in this article anyone can use the "Wayback Machine" to navigate through archives of the very same two websites that corporate attorneys bullied down. This is an example of where a corporation's best friend turns to be their worst enemy.

Jeff is the webmaster of Product Reviews . This website allows people to instantly find product reviews on thousands of products. Jeff is also the webmaster of Job Source. It is a job search website that allows people to search though millions of jobs from thousand sources at one website.
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