1. V W V W

    Wow he invited Ted Nugent to the White House for photo op when he said he wanted to MURDER Hilary and Obama. Why isn't anyone saying anything about that.  Should have been loyal. using your child to make a point is foul. We never even seen you HUG your son and now you trying to be Father of the Year. Was Baron offended when  his dad said he grab women by the crotch without their permission.

  2. Cahoula Cahoula

    Let's see her do this with Obama's head as a prop. I bet she would be in jail yesterday if she did. And the camera man.

  3. alien hunter alien hunter

    I thought it was funny, people need to get over themselves.


    President Trump, is there some kind of Executive order you can sign to take ALL HER MONEY away from her & Use it to BUILD the WALL between the U.S. & Mexico? After all she said they will have to go to Mexico after this. The Wall can be for her Protection from the PEOPLE who ELECTED you, Mr. Trump!


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