Kid’s Summer Baking/Pastry Camp 6/12 – 6/15 – 2pm-4:30pm COME HAVE FUN AND LEARN TO BAKE!

Kid’s Summer Baking/Pastry Camp 6/12 – 6/15 – 2pm-4:30pm COME HAVE FUN AND LEARN TO BAKE!
Baking and Pastry Camp – 5 Mon-Thurs-June 12-15, 2017             2:00pm-4:30pm Mon-Thurs-July 10-13, 2017               2:00pm-4:30pm Mon-Thurs-July 31-Aug 3, 2017          9:30am-12:00pm Mon-Thurs-Aug 21-24, 2017               2:00pm-4:30pm By popular demand, we've added a new Camp only for Baking and Pastry Camp!  Come join in the fun and enjoy delicious desserts and baked goods loved by us all.  Mondays – Chocolate Chip Shortbread Bars, Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce, Apple and Apricot Tarts, Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Cookies, Spritz-Ring Piped Chocolate Sandwich Cookies; Tuesdays – Profiteroles with Crème Chantilly, Individual Chocolate Glazed Buttermilk Bundt Cakes, Cornmeal-Crusted Apple Cakes, Congoloa’s (Coconut Macaroons), Fudge Genoise Cake; Wednesdays – Wheat Crepes filled with Homemade Pastry Cream, Chocolate Soufflés with Homemade Crème Anglaise – Vanilla Sauce, Apple Tarte Tatin with Phyllo Dough Crust, Maple Pot de Crème; Coconut Pot de Crème, Mint Pot de Crème; Thursdays – Cinnamon Sticky Buns with Raisins, Nuts and Caramel Glaze, Sweet Irish Soda Bread, Traditional Scones with Homemade Orange Butter, Cornbread Biscuits with Cheddar Cheese.     Welcome to the Culinary Classroom   *A PRIVATE COOKING SCHOOL*   where we teach cooking classes to the masses                                                                               changing the way Los Angeles eats, one recipe at a time       Bring your creativity and questions as you explore Cooking and Pastry/Baking   to start a new career or impress your friends with your SKILLS as a Master Chef or Pastry Chef       16-Week Master Chef Program – Certification Program   10-Week Master Baking/Pastry Program – Certification Program   Recreational Cooking AND Baking Classes   Couples Romantic Date Night Dinner Classes   4-Week Culinary Basics Cooking Series   4-Week Healthy Cooking Series   4-Week Vegetarian Series   Team Building Events for Corporations   Private Cooking Parties/Celebrations for Adults   KIDS Summer COOKING CAMPS       Gift Certificates Available Via Email – The Perfect Gift for ANY Occasion   Register On-Line 24 Hours a Day @     Sign up for our Newsletter – we’ll send you Class Listings and Seasonal Recipes!       Cook Well, Eat Well and BE Well!  With Chef Eric Crowley                                     Convenient Parking/Freeway Close-405/10   1 Block East of Overland, Just North of Pico   Parking Just North of Pico on Overland   2366 Pelham Avenue – Los Angeles, CA 90064   Phone:  310-470-2640 – Fax:  310-470-2642      

at Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom
2366 Pelham Avenue/One Block East of Overland/Just North of Pico
Los Angeles, United States

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