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News became one of the most important parts of life. News will be anything which tells us something new, fresh, breaking, latest, interesting, crime and everything. Apart from this news, there is other news called which is more interesting, fun and more entertaining called movie news. Film news are not just for entertainment, but they provide relaxation from the regular work. We became much attached to films and we want to know everything that's happening in the film industry very quick. Everyone is curious to know the latest film news, hot gossips, movie reviews, 1st-day collection, 1st-week collections, box office collections, new weddings, breakups, movie release dates, new schedules, audio launches, news teasers and trailers etc.

Tollywood is becoming fascinating in Indian film industry. It is increasing its market worldwide, it is making new experiments, Telugu film heroes and directors are getting ready to do something new. Producers are also investing a huge amount of money. Fresh blood with great talent is coming which is giving fresh and new ideas. More Tollywood films getting remake to Bollywood. Everyone who worked for the film is getting famous. Not just actors and directors other technicians like Cameramen, Writer, Choreographer, Lyricist, art director are given their credit to the success of the film. The production values are increasing. The interest to know about Telugu movie news, Telugu movie online reviews, Tollywood audio functions, Telugu movie new trailers, Tollywood gossips is increasing worldwide. Come let us have a look at latest Telugu movie news, Telugu movie reviews, and hot gossips.
We all know Power Star is a multi-talented and he is good at singing. He sang few bit songs in movies like Thammudu, Khushi, Attarintiki daredhi which are very famous and also the songs are folk. It is very happy to hear that Pawan is going to sing a song in the coming film Sardar Gabbar Singh. We have to wait for few more days to know whether the song is a bit song or full song, whether it is a folk or remake of old classics. Whatever the song it will rock, no need to tell why it will rock. New gossip is that Rebel star Prabhas is doing a film titled Dhandha in the direction of Rebel star Krishnam Raju. The news became famous as Krishnam Raju registered the title Dhandha, he is not confirmed whether it is for Prabhas or not. If it is for Prabhas he as to wait until the completion of Baahubali. We have to wait to know whether it is true or not.

Baahubali is going to hit the YouTube officially, details are yet to know. On this birthday of Superstar Rajinikanth, kabala movie team will release a new poster and teaser. Varun Tej's upcoming film Loafer directed by Puri Jagganath. Prabhas will come to this movie audio function as the guest. Sudheer babu is acting as a villain in Bollywood film which is the remake of Tollywood movie Varsham.
The latest movie review of film Size Zero the overall rating by is 2.5/5. The only thing to watch is for Anushka. This Friday Shankarabaranam written by Kona Venkat and male lead by Nikhil. Stay tuned to Cineinterval to see the review. Bengal Tiger is completed its censor and waiting for its release date. Stay at Cineinterval to know latest Telugu Movie news, Telugu Movie reviews, gossips etc. which keeps update about all Telugu movie news, movie reviews, gossips, etc. Helps you to know what's happening in Telugu Film Industry.
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