Lady of the Dawn

Lady of the Dawn
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6/3/09 MUST View In Large

This is the second time I’ve woken up THIS early to take a photo: at 6.45a.m.
Frankly speaking, I ain’t no early bird: I used to wake up around 10a.m. plus.

I have seen many wonderful shots taken from our Flickr buds like.. Artie Ng, Dylan Toh, Lewosky, getcarter405, TerriP08, frozenjesterâ„¢, Dolfi II, Svanhildur, TinkerBellGrl♥’s,Ryan Eng, Ragstatic, DanielKHC and so much more that I can’t remember so at the moment I’m just to name few…

I have never known how they do all these miracle shots, but honestly speaking, it makes me jealous XD. Is that bad…? Actually, I love their talent dedicated to photography… So professional. If you have time, please visit them, as they are a constant source of inspiration for me.

As for me , I have just started picking up Digital Art, and I’m happy with all I’ve learnt, and getting crazier about shooting… So please, reward me with your comments. Lotsa love~~!
Taken with Canon EOS 1000D~`18-55mm lens.

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