Lorde – Green Light (Live From The 2017 Billboard Music Awards)

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    • avatar regina okon 1

      Go lorde

      • avatar sing For life 0

        I see the whole message

        • avatar sing For life 2


          • avatar Touqa Ackerman 1

            Aww did tae tae saw her >₩< I wish that !¡ he once said that he loves Royals

            • avatar Icy 02 1

              How pure and beautiful! She does not sing the song, she FEELS the song! Lovee!!

              • avatar Pointy Video 2

                Poor Lorde. Lighting guy decides to use red lights.

                • avatar Dante Barbosa 1

                  she sounds so similar to the studio version that this looks just like another music video instead of an live

                  • avatar Roberto Carlos 0


                    • avatar Seun Osewa 1

                      The person who decided to show the teleprompter in the video…

                      • avatar Nana Army 1

                        Did she take drugs??? was my first thought😂❤️

                        • avatar raz 43 1

                          lorde write a catchy song

                          • avatar frenchprint 1

                            that was so cool!! omg

                            • avatar Jainendra Ojha 1

                              If you want the greenlight then happy to be traffic light for you.

                              • avatar Jainendra Ojha 1

                                But I am always in love with you.

                                • avatar Veron Ina 2

                                  I love everything about her ❤️

                                  • avatar Monchester Vidon 1

                                    LORDE if you are reading this PLEASE NEVER BECOME A NWO puppet, PLEASE I beg you 👀👀

                                    • avatar Carolina Alvino 1

                                      AAAAAAAAAAAA MELHOR MÚSICA

                                      • avatar Beasty jellyfish 1

                                        Her dance moves are fresher than the prince of bel air

                                        • avatar Savage Panda 1

                                          I laughed so hard when I saw this. I tried her dance moves and it was hilarious. lol 😂😂😂 also lorde off of South park and this lorde should link up

                                          • avatar Abhyuday Gaur 1

                                            I hate pop music but boy, she's good!