Miso Making

Miso Making
Japanese cuisine has a long history of ingeniously fermented foods: miso, pickles, sake and more. Inspired by the richness of Japan's fermentation traditions, we have added a "Department of Japanese Fermentation" to the Institute.Miso-making is the "gateway" introduction to Japanese ferments. Simple to make and with just three ingredients, the only difficult part is to remain patient while waiting for nature to do its thing. Miso Making You’ll begin this hands-on class by starting your own batch of miso using impeccably-sourced, organic, non-GMO soybeans. We will also discuss the wide variety of other beans and grains that can be made into miso as well. Traditional Miso Soup – Miso Shiru What would a Japanese meal be without Miso Shiro (miso soup)? Sometimes referred to as “The Japanese Chicken Soup,” Miso Shiru is as much about the stock as it is about the miso. We’ll make a simple “Ichiban Dashi” stock from scratch, add traditionally homemade miso and discover how simple it is to make better-than-restaurant quality miso soup at home. Miso Soup To-Go Speaking of simple, you’ll also learn a crazy-easy shortcut for making instant miso soup "cubes," a to-go option that only requires the addition of hot water.Instructor: Yoko Maeda Lamn. Master Food Preserver and contributor to The Institute of Domestic Technology Cookbook (Chronicle Books, Spring 2019) LYFT OFFER: We encourage the use of ride-sharing services and offer a Lyft discount code for first time users. Download the app and use the code: DIRECTOR280012 for a ride credit. (5 rides at each) Refund Policy: Cancellations made up to one week prior to event are eligible for a full refund, or event fees paid may also be applied as credit to a future class. Due to class demand, cancellations made seven to three days prior to an event will receive a fifty percent refund, or credit for the full fee may be applied to a future class. Cancellations made less than seventy two hours before an event are not eligible for refunds.

at Japan America Theatre
244 South San Pedro Street
Los Angeles, United States

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