Mom and Me at House in Coalfield, WA

Mom and Me at House in Coalfield, WA
Cooking Supplies

Circa 1950… Mom and me at the house in Coalfield, Washington.

Mom and dad bought this place back in the day, I’m assuming that it was all they could afford at the time. Dad used his carpentry skills to add a room, put siding on it, and re-roof to make it a cozy home. He always let me "help" and I still remember him taking me up on the roof. What a thrill that was.

Mom would make us lunch and take care of us as we worked. I remember her giving me graham crackers with "frosting". I learned later that the frosting was actually plain butter. I didn’t like butter, but I loved mom’s frosting!

She had no running water until we finally got a well. We’d go to a community well down the road for water. It was a manual pump… the kind with the big handle. There was always a crowd at the pump… Mom told me later in life that everyone would come on the same day because the pump had to be primed and priming the temperamental pump was a job.

That big milk can next to her in the photo was her water supply. Although we had an electric range, she used a woodstove to heat water for cooking and bathing. She’d bathe me in a big galvanized tub.

In 1951, when Stan was born, we got the first TV in the community… a ’51 Capehart in a cabinet. I remember the neighbors coming over to watch TV with us. Mom always had the coffee pot on and the kids would get treated to hot cocoa.

Mom was always in the background taking care of the family. But she silently became the subtle driving force in our family. She was small in stature (four foot eleven and a half), but she ruled the roost. She was a strong woman. I don’t think she ever realized how strong she was.

I love you Mom!

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