My Tattoos l Taylor Parks


  1. OTNOROT 416 Hip Hop OTNOROT 416 Hip Hop

    Ur so pretty 😍😍

  2. Jamie Delekta Jamie Delekta

    I love all of your tattoos. They all look great. I am obsessed with the feather for sure. I actually clicked on this video because I saw the Michigan one. I am from Michigan as well so I love the representation. 😁💕 Where do you get your tattoos done?

  3. Priscake Cee Priscake Cee

    New to your channel, love love love!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. einemengedinge einemengedinge

    I feel the same way about color tattoos. People ask me if I'm ever going to get a color tattoo and I tell them it will bother me if I'm wearing something that it won't match.

  5. Brendan Gallagher Brendan Gallagher

    Ur tattoos are cool… ur really hot 😘

  6. Katharina Eisele Katharina Eisele

    what i really love about your "iam" tattoo is that it could also be latin for so many things. My favourites would be "I will go/walk", "I will fly", "I will storm" and " I will march".

  7. Nathan Strange Nathan Strange

    I think flower sleeves look great, especially yours!

  8. Three pips Three pips

    Are you going to get a full sleeve tattoo

  9. Teyanna Sweet Teyanna Sweet

    I Love your half sleeve!!!

  10. Daria Levac Daria Levac

    Totally adore your half sleeve. It's super gorgeous and makes me want to get more tattoos ASAP.

  11. Vilde Kongtorp Vilde Kongtorp

    love your tattoos!! especially the flower half sleeve – it's so goddamn beautiful!!!

  12. Emma Emma

    Your leg says 'Be you' and your arm answers yes 'i am'.

    I love your tattoos so much! I turned 18 recently and I want a tattoo so badly. I am into black and grey too, I never wear colours so it would distract me having colours on my body, just like you said.
    Thank your for the inspiration! Getting it was the main reason I clicked on this video but now you have a new subscriber. You are so positive, funny, down to earth, real and likeable that I couldn't leave without seeing you again some time!
    Keep on going!

  13. Krys Krys


  14. David Thai David Thai

    I actually looked up Michigan and it does not seem to look like a heart shape. Your tattoo of Michigan does for some reason. By the way, is that a moon inside the tattoo?

  15. A A A A


  16. Erin Boyd Erin Boyd

    Your tattoos are everything I aspire to be


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