Naval piercing-popular body jewelry designs

There was a time when only ear piercing was the most popular name in body art. Then came the tattoo work. Still the social significance of these arts in the modern world was not that much as it is by now. Naval or tongue piercing no more catch amazing glares of people. Taken mostly as a fashion statement these types are creating trends in modern ways. Awareness on purely hygienic ways of getting it done is drawing people more towards it. Not to mention the quality of materials being used such as surgical steel or sterling silver, organic fibers, silicon rubber, gold, titanium, niobium based body jewelry is giving fine options to piercing lovers for safe and comfortable piercing.

Among the most popular and most gutsy types of piercings that seldom people do, navel or belly buttons are taking much of the attention. As it is not every ones cup of tea to dare for a Labret or corset piercing naval area offers both sensual and a safe piercing area for people. Since ear piercing is common now belly buttons are creating trends.

Mostly a craze in the women's naval area gives the best chance to look sexy and sensual at the same time. Beach areas or warm weather offers them best time to that real show off for which men would not stop drooling. And why not as those sparkling, dangling belly jewelry gives them all the reason for such a reaction.

Speaking of sensual jewelry though belly rings or studs can't overshadow the importance of bracelets, rings, necklaces or anklets still they are now the topmost choice to look sensual among women. But just like not any mold can shape a heart cake wearing belly rings definitely needs to have a belly in shape so that it actually defines your piercing rather than making it just a fashion symbol. These can be unbelievably attractive when wore over nicely figured belly.

Piercing supplies for some latest designs in navel or belly piercing in fashion these days are:

* Belly bars: scroll designs, Crystal flowers, pretty swirl, silver scissors, jeweled scrolls, winged heart button bar, dangling teardrop, squiggle inverted bars, heart navel, jeweled leaf, butterfly drop, UV belly bars , titanium single jeweled, disco ball and many others to explore you will find in this huge designs range.
* Bellybuttons: mostly available with marble buttons , 14 gauge captive rings, 16 gauge double jewel spiral, letter shape buttons.

Finding such huge range would definitely mesmerize you but words of wisdom here is to choose the one that is safe and give you better comfort wearing it while showing off.

You are going to get the product range in piercing Body jewellery, entire of them at Abk Piercing Supplies. You can check them out online to see exactly what sort of piercing and surgical steel body piercing jewelry they offer and their prices at
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