New Wilco CD Better Than Ever

Wilco (the album) the newest Wilco CD, has been released at just the right time. In the wake of fan excitement about Ashes of American Flags, the timing on this new album is just right. Ashes of American Flags, the bands live DVD captures the mood and the music of Wilco’s 2008 bus journey across the US . A great look at not only the band, but also at the US , it really left fans wanting more.

Being a long time fan of Wilco, I was concerned about this album, considering the controversy when Warner Bros. rejected their submission of the album. Along with the numerous other Wilco fans, through emails and letter, I let them know that more of Wilco was just what we wanted!

It was difficult to believe that their reputation could be doubted, but given the industry it is unfortunately who you know and not how talented you are, at times. That aside, with a slight delay Wilco’s seventh album is finally here and show the musical talent and maturity of the group from the first track straight to the last.

Although many suspect that this album would be a wild mix, much like Yankee Foxtrot Hotel, it is more influenced by the pop music of the 1960s and 1970s. Tracks such as “Sunny Feeling” and “You Never Know” make it more similar to the traditional sounds of Sky Blue Sky.

With a mix of guitar strumming, big choruses, and some incredible slide guitar, the sounds from this new album are better than ever. And a nice touch has been added in this CD as well, with their first ever duet You and I. The amazing thing about music is that no matter how similar it is, every piece has its own uniqueness to it. This new album from Wilco has some of the old sounds with a new twist, and finds this band still hotter than ever.

After large concern and controversy the new wilco cd has finally been released and it is better then fans had anticipated. WILCO the album can be purchased by going to

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