Paths to Presence: Exploring Meditation

Paths to Presence: Exploring Meditation
This weekly meditation class is dedicated to exploring a variety of meditation techniques while building community.

Meditation is often taught as just one thing: sitting on a zafu while focusing on your breath and clearing your mind. This is just one technique. In this weekly offering, we get creative, for while meditation can benefit everyone, there are many paths to presence and mindful living.

In working with multiple techniques, you’ll gain a greater understanding of what works best for you and how to most easily incorporate mindful awareness into your everyday life.

Each class begins with 30 minutes of individual meditation, followed by 30 minutes of social meditation and 30 minutes of community socializing.

Meditation techniques vary week to week. Examples of individual meditation techniques include sitting, walking, breathing, guided, sound and mantra meditation. Examples of social meditation techniques include co-listening, group sharing, supportive presence, and intuitive body awareness exercises.

We mix things up. You find your way.

Virginia emphasizes discovery through experience rather than teaching through telling. Her background in human evolution, philosophy and dance led her to explore increasingly mysterious ideas, and she founded Fleeting Connections to help guide others as they embrace their own curiosity. Her practice uses yoga, Reiki, tarot, astrology and storytelling as tools to shift perspectives of reality and guide people toward a greater understanding of their own truth.

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