Pepper Spray And Why We Need It

I heard on the news not too long ago where a young woman was raped and her face horribly scarred. It made me think about what a dangerous world we live in and how that could happen to me or someone I love. A self defense product might have saved that lady from the vicious brutality she suffered. Now all the women in my family carry pepper spray.

I agreed to look at some canisters of OC pepper spray and some other self defense weapons online. I have to say, that I am some what apprehensive about the whole thing. I do not know very much about this stuff but, I am curious. Because we live in such an unsafe world, I do agree that some sort of self defense weapon is necessary.

I did not know that defensive spray came in so many different shapes and sizes. Some look like lipstick, and others like hand weights walkers use to intensify their workout. There is one that looks just like a ball point pen! Can you believe it, they look just like writing pens!

My mother always taught me to help others in need. That is something she did until the day she died. She was always ready with a helping hand and an open heart. She felt it was her privilege to help others. She told me never to fail to give help to others. This shows love and helps to spread hope.

I found a model which looked like hand weights! Can you believe it? You can take them to the gym, use it to work out, and take them with you as your secret weapon. Now, how neat it would be to have something like that! My quilting group would not think it so.

But, this world does not have many people like that any more. People are too selfish, now. They care nothing for others; only themselves. It is only about what they can take. This is the reason that lady was attacked and left for dead. This is the reason her face was badly beaten and cut. This is the reason why we all should take measures to be sure our family members are protected.

I think this is the perfect idea for anyone. I believe it is imperative to protect yourself from all the violence which is out there. The world is getting worse and worse, so why wait until the inevitable happens? It makes more sense to me to get some pepper spray now and have it with me when it is needed. I believe I will get one for my friend as well. She needs some protection too.

I even took the time to tell my daughters that pepper spray is something they should carry with them at all times. They work long hours and I do worry about them too.

I found the defensive pepper spray I was looking for and other self defense weapons at A1 Self Defense Products

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