1. Immortal Vision Immortal Vision

    Thanks for the tips!

  2. Ewout Honig Ewout Honig

    I think we could have done without the first 30 seconds.
    Moving on…

  3. phoTALKraphy phoTALKraphy

    give him some slack, he's a photographer not a videographer 😂

    see my take on this, TOP 10 PHOTOGRAPHY MISTAKES (and how to fix them) on my channel!

  4. shubha jaggi shubha jaggi

    Such a humorous and well explained one!!!!

  5. Loveleen Bhanot Loveleen Bhanot

    Hi Josh, It was extremely informative . Could you please suggest if you have any tutorial for capturing sea and beaches ? What different exposures should we use to capture the right pictures around sunsets and sunrises. Would really appreciate your help. Thanks.

  6. basic bitch Photography basic bitch Photography

    acting 101

  7. Pete Lucchini Pete Lucchini

    You missed one special SNAFU and I have done this.
    Forget to install your memory card, or leave it at home.
    I was shooting with my F3 years ago fantastic light some fisherman caught a huge sea trout I was in my canoe along the flats the sun was setting on the gulf flaming clouds streaked over head the water was pure wave less glass. I have my trusty 24mm fill flash going guy is holding up his trophy catch, big sucker as well. My MD-4 is blazing frame after frame. I get the guys phone number he is stoked I am stoked. Until I get home and hit the rewind on the MD-4 and hear an instant familiar click, click, click…. The film never cough the teeth on the feed spool, not a damn photo was taken… Never called the guy as well bummer lesson learned.

  8. April Sowell April Sowell

    Great tips. Thanks. I noticed that by not using an external mic you made a major boo boo in filming. But you probably already knew this by the time you got to post production. Keep one in the car if you are outside most of the time doing your videos.


    Yoo that intro thooo

  10. Senthil Ram Senthil Ram

    I thought to learn something here but such a waste of time

  11. Laxmi Sherpa Laxmi Sherpa

    Love that sense of humour lol …. thanx for the awesome tips… (Y)

  12. InTheNameOfJustice InTheNameOfJustice

    This may sound mean spirited because….well, because it will be but after watching that intro I wanted to be the lucky guy who got to drop a 70lb boulder on your head for the shoulder wipe shit.

  13. perry mackay perry mackay

    i don't even know how to change the shutter speed


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