1. skeletokyo skeletokyo

    I appreciate the tutorial and all, and I am tryna learn the piano using it, BUT seriously? u need to tell us that we need to sit in front of the piano properly? u really have to tell us to have our hair back so we can see… really? good thing u did, i was about to try blind folded, phew! oh and the proper finger position and imagining i'm holding a cup or that my fingers are tied to balloons was awesome, i was about to just start punching the keys with my knuckles!
    in all seriousness though, thanks for the tutorial but maybe less details on random stuff and more focus on how to actually play would be great!
    ok thanks!

  2. DJ Julix DJ Julix

    Thanks so much Cause i want to go in the schoolband and now i can😄😄😄

  3. Mercer Megan Mercer Megan


  4. Awster Awster

    I really just couldn't follow that… I think I'm lost

  5. Sophia Sophia

    Nice video. I've been using an awesome program and I got amazing results. I'll put the link below while it's still online: https://twitter.com/Fadederek10/status/859446016780767232

  6. Cute Tummy of the Forbidden One Cute Tummy of the Forbidden One

    Piano lessons are actually 1% playing the piano and 99% being treated like shit by your instructor.

  7. Manohar Lal Manohar Lal

    I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to discover learn to play keyboards try Lomonting Piano Player Mentor (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my work buddy got excellent results with it.

  8. Daisy Pollini Daisy Pollini

    I don't even know how to read notes 🙄

  9. Micah Van Loon Micah Van Loon

    You're so helpful!

  10. RoboticLegendary RoboticLegendary

    i think you going about it wrong teaching use black keys and stuf when it should start with cdefg in the middle

  11. RoboticLegendary RoboticLegendary

    left and low dont rime

  12. Blitz Bryen Blitz Bryen


  13. Mr Ash Mr Ash

    Marry had a little wank….

  14. Mr Ash Mr Ash


  15. Jaak Sikk Jaak Sikk

    Dear all. There are some things that could be harmful in some cases. Before telling what I mean I want to add that the basic stuff about piano keyboard and keys is OK and the videos are excellently produced. The idea of drawing and having a lovely girl is very cute just as the voice. But now to the important stuff:

    1) Sitting posture does not have to be really straight. Many researches and studies show that a balanced back, in its natural position is the best. I have met many students who suffer for years from an unnaturally straight back. So stay yourself as you are and feel a comfortable and balanced back while sitting with a good support from your sitting bones.
    2) If you have a balanced spine and you feel your head balanced as well on the spine naturally, it is nearly impossible to slouch. Then you just let shoulders loose naturally as well and everything falls into place.
    3) How can you have feet flat on the floor while using pedals?????
    4) Usually the distance from the piano should be such, that you can reach the lowest and highest notes of the keyboard without too big effort.
    5) It is also very important that you sit on the edge of the piano stool. Then your legs wont distract the balance of two sitting bones.

    Best wishes,

  16. YøønkøøkorPhan YøønkøøkorPhan

    3:50 I can't I'm gay

  17. Colin Donovan Colin Donovan

    Wow! You are a great teacher! I learned Mary had a little lamb instantly afterwards! And you are really good at piano☺️


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