Picking Makeup For Various Skin Types

You shouldn’t have to worry about which types of makeup make your skin look amazing, so don’t. Most women have no idea what to do because no one has ever taught them on how to properly use makeup.

For fair-skinned ladies, silver eye-shadow and smoky eyes work best make-up for you. It stands out and blends all in one. To achieve a dreamy look, sweep a silver eye shadow over your lids for that fairy-tale prince look. If you want a more dramatic effect, you can line your eyes with a black eye pencil and apply coats of mascara.

Before you apply mascara, tap the brush twice to get rid of excess powder that may smudge or stain your face later. Apply baby pink hues on your cheeks to enhance your natural rosy glow. Use a pink or berry-colored lip gloss to top off your look.

Earth tones are the best makeup for people who have darker or tanned colored skin. Many people make the mistake of using a base of white to cover their skin color, but instead they should be using a simple bronze to accent the natural color. Doing this will turn your skin from bland to glowing. Green colored eye shadows work well with this type of skin because it makes it look gentle rather than bold. If you want to touch up your lips then using a cream or peach gloss can do the trick.

There are some people who have skin that is not too dark and not too light, but don’t worry because there is a solution for you as well. In fact this type of skin has some great advantages. This type of skin allows you to play with colors like blue and purple without overdoing it. The trick is to have the darkest of the color closest to your eye lashes and work out with a lighter shade. You can do this multiple times until the color comes out lighter.

Because your eyes are already dramatic, play it low on your cheeks and lips. Opt for a light bronze, blush on your cheeks, and subtle gloss for your lips.

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