Purchase a GIA certified diamond jewllery!

The pleasure that a delicate diamond bracelet gives to the wearer is something, which can’t be put into words. The beauty that a diamond jewellery piece adds to a woman is what attracts her into buying it. Even if, you intend to buy a diamond bracelet or a diamond wedding band for yourself or your spouse, it will surely help to make your presence felt when you walk into a party.

Every diamond bracelet is special in its own way, all thanks to its creative design, style, and the cut that is given to the diamond. Thus, the final outcome of the diamond is not the work of one single person but a group of experts such as the diamond cutter, designer and other diamond experts. Owing to the hard work of these people, today diamond is made available to the common man in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from a simple round cut to outrageous shapes. You can get a diamond in shapes like round, square, princess cut, heart and many more. Even the metals used to set the diamond bracelets and other pieces are no more limited to gold. You can have your diamond in metals like sterling silver, white gold, platinum, rhodium, rose gold as well as titanium.

As a diamond wedding band is something you will buy only once in your lifetime it is important that you pick up only a GIA diamond. GIA is one of the most prestigious institutes that offer education on diamond and also has a world known diamond grading and certification lab. Thus, a gem grading and identification reports given by this institute is considered to the most genuine. A diamond that is certified by the GIA or Gemological Institute of America ensures that you’re getting nothing but only good quality diamonds. Thus, you must ask your jeweler to provide you with the certification of your diamond jewellery that will give you all the detail of the 4C’s of the diamonds.

The basic factors that influence the monetary value of a diamond is the color, clarity, cut and carat weight. The color of the diamond will range from D to Z, where D is the rarest diamond and is considered as colorless. The general rule for the carat weight of the diamond is that the more the weight of a diamond the more expensive it will be. However, this will also be affected by the color and the quality of the diamond piece.

Thus, to sum it up, it can be said that the diamond studded jewllery is surely a great gift for someone close to your heart but ensure a good quality diamond is also equally important. So, once you have made sure you are getting a genuine diamond at appropriate rates, nothing can be compared to it.

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