Real Spaghetti Carbonara | Antonio Carluccio

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    • avatar alexcraft 88 1

      io sono italiano e ti dico che non è cosi la carbonara, l'olio non va messo perchè se no diventa troppo pesante, le uova devono essere tutti dello stesso tipo e della stessa marche e razza, no uno bianco e uno rosa, e gli spaghetti devono essere le chitarre. non è LA VERA carbonara

      • avatar Franco Nigrelli 1

        This is 110% accurate

        • avatar JustAnotherAnonymous 1

          I like Italian's Food😚

          • avatar Martina Soldevilla 1

            He looks fun to be with. I want to have a grandpa like him hahahahha is it weird? Is it just me? Lmao hahahahha

            • avatar Omar 1

              Cooking is about creativity and infusing the known with the unknown. Don't be a slave to traditional pasta and the there is only one way to do this and do that line of thinking

              • avatar Vanessa Gasparro 2

                made it last night to the letter and it was delicious! Thank you Antonio!

                • avatar youchilled 0

                  This is good, but I do it slightly different. 1 egg person and an extra yoke is the same. But I boil the pasta empty water through colander with bowl at bottom to catch some of the pasta water, put pasta pan back on cooker (heat off) add pasta to the pasta pot. Tranfer the warm but not hot bacon to the pasta pot and some of the cooking oils and give it a good mix, then add the egg/cheese sauce and mix it really well and add some of the pasta water half a ladel at a time until i think it looks good and serve. You can use good bacon if you can't get the premium cuts, tatses just as good.

                  • avatar 藤崎祐二 1


                    • avatar Fallen Sway 1

                      this is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. such a total win. I couldn't think of anything for dinner and this popped up randomly ahh Bliss 💗

                      • avatar Gaby Salinas 2

                        This man needs his own YouTube channel ASAP !

                        • avatar Katia Tannus 1

                          this serves 2 people? i would eat that in one sitting

                          • avatar Fiona Nguyen 1

                            R.I.P. Antonio Carluccio 1937–2013

                            • avatar Farts 0

                              bel video carlu ma me sa che la pasta l'hai scotta

                              • avatar Jiggly Flan 2

                                He says things like "this is the only way to make it!" but not only does the food look incredible, his mannerisms, his warmth and the authentic nature of his cooking makes it impossible to hate the man