Self Portrait 8. I’m Not Sure What Happened Here

Self Portrait 8. I’m Not Sure What Happened Here
Short Fiction

Self Portrait 8. I’m Not Sure What Happened Here

Random Thing 8, I’ve noticed in math and computer programming, that there’s a good deal of planning and thinking, but the key element is the Aha! that happens and gives you the key to the puzzle. Some puzzles are so hard the Aha! has to happen every step of the way. A good set of Ahas and you’ve created art.

I’ve noticed in writing that planning and thinking do me no good at all, but turning "me" off and letting "myself" flow always produces the best results. But I’ve only written short fiction and poetry. The thousand page manuals I’ve written – those needed planning and thinking – but they weren’t really art.

I’ve noticed that in the art I do, which is almost all done by programming, by using existing software, or by mashing up works of various sources, there is a little Aha! which spawns an idea. There’s a little planning and thinking, especially for the programmed or seriously complex pieces. But mostly I’ve discovered it’s brute force trial and error.

The Aha! comes when it’s a "you’ll know it when you see it" and then suddenly you see it!

This self portrait was like that. I was trying to create a texture with color to lightly apply to the next self portait, when this appeared, and I nearly stopped right there.

Credit where credit is due: The flecked black and white texture in this piece is from a private mashup I did of the works of jdyf333, one of my favorite artists here on flickr. Hi jdyf!

Hope you like it!

Although I am fond of creating self portraits, I try not to inflict them on others too often. However, "pics-by-me" (…thanks, Joyce…) recently "tagged" me in a Flickr game:

"Create a Self Portrait and Comment it with Ten Random Things About You." (I have to think of a catchier title.)

Well, instead of creating 1 self portrait with 10 random things about me, I decided to post 10 self portraits, each with 1 random thing about me. The great advantage of doing it this way is I can now tag 10 of you! Oh yes, be very afraid of your flickrmail Inbox!

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