Sensory identify techniques of Oolong leaf tea quality

Oolong leaf tea is semi-fermented tea. Its method takes advantages of black tea and green tea in the early process, namely the fresh leaf apex after withering carved green, leaf fermentation, and then to overcome, rolling and drying. Into the tea quality focuses on endoplasm aroma and taste, having the fragrance of green tea and the sweet alcohol of black tea, after drinking, the tooth cheek keeps incense, a pleasant delicacy. Its appearance is generally bulky, and its punch is shaped. Oolong leaf tea is mainly produced in Minnan city Fujian province, Minbei, Guangdong and Taiwan provinces. Methods are across different. The quality and characteristics of the tea are also different, generally can be divided into Minbei oolong leaf tea and Minnan oolong leaf tea this two kinds. Wuyi rock tea which belongs to Minbei oolong leaf tea to is the best. Wuyi rock tea produced in fujian Wuyi mountain, to the local advantageous natural conditions, make its qualitative and rhyme beauty, no other tea can compare with. Wuyi rock tea on the basis of different kind of rock, divided into many kind, such as dahongpao, daffodils, and so on. The characteristic of dahongpao is the best. Anxi guanyin of Minnan oolong leaf tea , for top grade, its shape is tight knit convolute, fragrance meaningful, with orchid sweet, bitter, sweet aftertaste. Main varieties are fujian narcissus oolong leaf tea, oolong leaf tea, golden marble, color, and cinnamon, the single fir phoenix pavilion of guangdong green snow, etc.
Choose from the many varieties of oolong leaf tea. According to the quality, tieguanyin is best; Single theory of aroma, gold hanging in oolong leaf tea aroma is the strongest. From the point of all the year round production of tea, spring and autumn tea quality are best. Identify in the actual purchase. Pay attention to the strong heavy, choose color oil moisten, after brewing leaf is white terrier, green head, green body, red bilateral varieties, this tea is delicate aroma of good tea.
Sensory identify techniques of Oolong leaf tea quality are the following:
(1) The shape
The appearance of oolong leaf teas can be divided into two types.
1, straight bar: leaf apex twisted, such as narcissus,Qizhong. But, as the straight bar tea, narcissus are more husky hypertrophy than Qizhong.
2, curly bar: the cable tight knot, such as tieguanyin, color, etc. But, as curly bar tea, tieguanyin is more real and heavier than oolong leaf tea. Oolong leaf tea appearance between higher and lower general gap is not big, is relaxed, but the most avoid is broken. If the shape of tea break crushed footwall tea much, quality is poor.
(2)The aroma and taste
Aroma and taste of oolong leaf tea with tea plant varieties relationship is very large. Wuyi rock tea is with rock rhyme, tieguanyin is with voice rhyme. Oolong leaf tea also requires a certain temperature, temperature appropriate, can make the variety characteristics.
(3) Leaves
Leaves mainly consider of old leaves, uniform thickness, leaf color and degree. Require full, evenness, tender leaves for good. Slightly yellow green color, red and bright, this kind quality is good. If the dark green color, dark red, red dot, this kind quality is poor. Leaf morphology helps identify species. Such as narcissus varieties leaves grow up, the main base of pulse wide flat; Tieguanyin tea leaves hypertrophy, oval; Bergamot leaves nearly circular; Hairy crab leaves serrate, pastel. The yellow shuttle light leaves thin, yellow green, much less green.

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