1. thomas kendrick thomas kendrick

    only a white woman could have created this.

  2. Jeff Bozo Jeff Bozo

    The university of Manchester going to get rid of 174 senior academics and replace with 100 junior lecturers that is the way it has gone

  3. bitparity bitparity

    This video gets 100% more interesting if you think of the two girls as the same woman, who've time traveled to meet each other.

  4. Matheus Cossa Matheus Cossa

    that's a masterpiece and it deservers an oscar

  5. Divia Pa Divia Pa

    Hahahahahha. Lmao!!!

  6. John Doe John Doe

    This is optimistic compared with the real thing. And boy, are they right about Harold Bloom (had lunch with him once–mega-narcissist).

  7. Sakura Sakura

    I am laughing and crying at the same time… my hopes and dreams of becoming an English professor at a community college are crushed but I can't let go.



  9. Germán Villarroel Segundo Germán Villarroel Segundo

    This is so quaint: back when the scariest thing professors could imagine was that the Tea Party may take over Congress. Six years later, we have Donald Trump bound for the White House.

  10. prettyproblem16 prettyproblem16

    Omg that was hilarious 😂

  11. Oshun Rappa Oshun Rappa


  12. AJ Boyd AJ Boyd

    "less than half of PhD's get tenure track jobs"? Less than half get jobs in academia at all. Almost half dont find jobs at all. Tenure track posts are what, 1 in 100? fewer? 1:2 odds are not going to scare off a student…

  13. TheRightist TheRightist

    Poor Americans. I have a PhD in Humanities in Russia. I spend about 10 hours a week lecturing at a top uni, for which I get a modest salary (boosted by the occasional bonus). However, because of the reputation of the establishment, people are willing to hire me as a private tutor. I spend about 10 more hours a week tutoring, and this alone earns me the average Russian salary. Thus, I have an above-average salary while working more than twice as little as the average Russian. Granted, I do have to read a lot, but is it not great to read engaging things that also happen to be professionally useful? Because my research niche is narrow enough, almost anything I write has some value, but is not especially difficult to write.

    People everywhere whine so much that it is impossible for an outsider to tell if the situation is actually worth whining about. I imagine an American PhD from a good university can easily find employment in e.g. East Asia.

  14. Lance Winslow Lance Winslow

    Very Well Written Script!

  15. Donald Mitchell Donald Mitchell

    She'd get a rude awakening if she thinks modern graduate work in English would be about studying the great authors and themes of literature.

  16. TheWulfe17 TheWulfe17

    Fuck her for following her dreams right?

  17. Jeffery Jones Jeffery Jones

    My life in a nutshell.

  18. debbehwebbeh debbehwebbeh

    well that was funny. and enormously depressing.


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