#SOHO8 SHORTS: “Grand Street Exhibition Series”

#SOHO8 SHORTS: “Grand Street Exhibition Series”
AUDITORIUM # 2  NEW YORK FILMMAKERS EXHIBITION SERIES SHORT  "CAROLINE LIVES ALONE" (US) 17mins l Drama l Exhibition l World Premiere Written & Directed by: Darina V. Sikmashvili Stars: Tracilyn Jones, Jerry Topitzer Synopsis: A drifter seeking shelter from the winter's first big storm invites himself into Caroline's home in the middle of rural Pennsylvania. SHORT  "LICENTIOUS" (US) 11mins l Drama l Exhibition  Directed by: Darryl Denner Written by: Brian Pollock Stars: Brian Pollock, Synopsis: Licentious is a film that follows a woman on her promiscuous prowl of a night club after her husband leaves on a business trip. She meets a married man and begins to draw him in. Will she get what she is looking for?   SHORT  "CHERYL & DENISE" (US) 15mins l Drama l Exhibition l New York Premiere Director: Johanny Mota Written by: Brett Epstein Stars: Johanny Mota, Rebekah Stein, Charles McBee Synopsis: While on a jog Denise gives a stranger, Cheryl, directions. Cheryl finds her way right into Denise's life turning her life upside down.   SHORT  "I'VE SEEN THINGS" (US) 5mins l Drama l Exhibition l  World Premiere Written & Directed by: Taimak Stars: Taimak, Kris Eivers, Ticali Vincent, Wendy Allegaert Synopsis: Sometimes cops have to take a vow to hold onto their hearts and not get too close. Detective Larson stepped over that line and finds himself in an ethical dilemma after a single mother is murdered by her boyfriend. Afraid the boyfriend will walk free, Larson's falling down an emotional rabbit hole. The loss of a friend drives this cop off the edge and forced to do something that he might regret for the rest of his life.   SHORT  "DRESS IN BLACK" (US) 10mins l Drama l Exhibition l New York Premiere Written & Directed by: Daniel Daly Stars: Daniella Hutchings, Eugénie Muggleton Synopsis: Hoping to come to terms with why she is unable to get out of bed, Olivia explores her memories and imagination       SHORT  "LILLY'S SECRET" (US) 10mins l Drama l Exhibition  Written & Directed by: Emanuele Michetti Stars: Deukyun Hwang, Lee Way Lan Synopsis: Lilly lives a seemingly happy life, but she feels empty and out of place. In the middle of a crisis, she ends up having an affair, seeking a missing connection.  She now has to make a choice that will change her life forever.   SHORT  "CHOICES" (US) 9mins l Drama l Dance l Exhibition l  New York Premiere Written  Directed by: Rick Hamilton Stars: D'Vorah Bailey Synopsis: Deborah relies on chance to avoid making any choices in her life, but then faces a decision that can’t be left up to fate         SHORT  "KILLING THE FIDDLER" (US) 7mins l Drama l Exhibition l New York Premiere Written & Directed by: Barak D Barkan Stars: Ben Kaufman, Bernie Lipman Synopsis:  A comedy about Adam, a Jewish man, five minutes before he marries a non-Jewish woman, Vicky Cheung. Just before the ceremony, he is confronted by photographs of his ancestors, who come to life in order to prevent this "unholy" matrimony.    SHORT  "THE FINGER" (US) 10mins l Comedy l Exhibition Director: Corydon Wagner Written by:  Hilary Mann, Chris Carfizzi Stars: Hilary Mann, Chris Carfizzi, Kim Ramirez, David Healy, Pasquale Distasio Synopsis: A couple meets for a romantic dinner, but a minor medical mishap threatens to derail their night.     SCREENING FOLLOWED BY Q & A WITH FILMMAKER & CAST IN ATTENDANCE

at Village East Cinemas
181 Second Avenue
New York, United States

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