#SOHO8 SHORTS: “Spring Street Series”

#SOHO8 SHORTS: "Spring Street Series"
AUDITORIUM # 1    SHORT  "MOMTRESS" (US) 11mins l Drama  l  New York Premiere Director: Jeremiah Kipp Written by: Liz Samuel Stars: Liz Samuel, Margot Delany, Leo Cohen-Vigder, Ari Blinder Synopsis: Momtress is a short film/pilot about a busy Mom and actress who is trying to keep her life together for her kids while she struggles with aging and loss. Looking for signs that things will work out is what keeps her moving forward.       SHORT  "REUNION" (US) 14mins l Drama  l  World Premiere Written & DIrected by: Eva Kaminsky Stars: Angela Reed, Tasha Laurence, Patrick Husted, Debargo Sanyal Synopsis: A lonely New Yorker is forced to examine the monotony of her life when confronted with the terrifying possibility of attending her 25th High School Reunion.           SHORT  "THE WAITING ROOM" (US) 12mins l Drama  l  World Premiere Written & Directed by: Debra Markowitz Stars:  Jennifer Jiles, Ciarán Sheehan, Justin L. Wilson, Heather Brittain O'Scanlon, Noelle Yatauro Synopsis: A woman waiting for her husband to arrive in heaven, is surprised when he shows up with his second wife.           SHORT  "AUGUST IN THE CITY" (US) 16mins l Drama l  LGBTQ l East Coast Premiere Director: Christie Conochalla Written by: Lisa Tedesco Stars: Mandahla Rose, Daniela Mastropietro, Johnny Solo, Stacey Raymond Synopsis: Two young women find themselves completely drawn to each other but one fears the repercussions of society in 1978 Brooklyn.         SHORT  "ESMALTE ROJO (RED NAIL POLISH)" (US) 12mins l Drama  l  US Premiere Written & Directed by: Ernesto Rivera-Machuca Stars: Marisol Padilla Sánchez, Paulino Partida, Coralia Manterol Synopsis: A woman develops an irrational obsession with painting her nails of a specific shade of red after receiving shocking news.         SHORT  "RYAN" (US) 17mins l Drama  l  World Premiere Director: Ryan Ruby Written by: James Hardy Stars: Ryan Ruby, Valeri Lantz-Gefroh, Sarah Nadeene, James Hardy, Ryan Ruby Synopsis: A young man in his late twenties is experiencing medical issues as he and his wife are expecting the birth of their first child, forcing him to worry about their future.         SHORT  "OPHELIA" (US) 11mins l Drama  l  New York Premiere Director: Jamie Sims Written by: Sam Underwood Stars: Valorie Curry, Sam Underwood Synopsis: What happens when grief becomes the third party in a relationship? What exists in the silence of the silent partner when the other descends into self-destruction? OPHELIA attempts to sound that depth by refocussing a classic story of mourning and madness through the lens of Shakespeare’s unsolvable puzzle - the inexplicable Ophelia. With her as witness, we experience Hamlet’s chaos, and perhaps come to know her own turmoil, as well. Can love serve as a life raft for her partner in distress, or will she be pulled under by it?    SHORT  "EQUIPOISE" (US) 3mins l Drama l  Animated l Experimental l  New York City Premiere Written & Directed by: Gung-Kai Koo Synopsis: Equipoise is my graduation film about positiveness, negativity and the opposite but complementary relationship between them. The spirit of the film is how they work together to reach the harmony and balance to react to stimulation, instead of judging the dominance or tendency of the two forces.           SHORT  "PREREQUISITE" (US) 11mins l Comedy  l New York Premiere Director: Geoffrey Guerrero Written by: Courtney Camerota Stars: Aurora Heimbach, Garrett Hendricks, Daniel Hicks, Brian Berrebbi Synopsis: A preppy college graduate gets more than she bargained for when she takes a risky second job to offset her student loan debt.      SHORT  "OILED UP" (US) 14mins l Drama l Comedy  l  East Coast Premiere Director: Richard Selvi Written by: John Faughnan Stars: Chuck Zito, Cathy Moriarty, Eric Roberts, James McCaffrey, Larry Romano, Lou Martini Jr.,Vincent Pastore Synopsis: After having given himself up to the police in order to save his younger brothers from the consequences of their actions, Mike is sentenced to 25 years in prison. Meanwhile, as the two younger siblings grow older, they find themselves to be emotionally and physically disconnected as their interests, hobbies and ethics have diverged since their youth. When Mike is released from prison, he discovers a new technologically advanced world and is faced with the deconstruction of his family but more seriously with an unexpected moral & ethical challenge in order to save what has always been and will always be most important to him, his brothers.     SCREENING FOLLOWED BY Q & A WITH FILMMAKER & CAST IN ATTENDANCE

at Village East Cinemas
181 Second Avenue
New York, United States

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