Soups To Prepare And Savor

I'm a soup lover. Whether it's a hot soup or a cold one on a summer day, it's a great appetizer and sometimes even makes for a great meal. I've made all kinds for myself and I definitely have my favorites.

Depending on what it's in it, a good soup can vary in both consistency and taste. I've been cooking soups for years now, and I'm going to share a few ideas with you if you're bored at home with the same old soups. There are plenty of ideas that you've probably never even thought about.

The first one on my list is a butternut squash soup that features an apple flavoring with it. It goes above and beyond the traditional roasted butternut squash soup by adding a nice, sweet and healthy layer to it.

If you like cream of broccoli soup, I can tell you that it goes even better with cheese. Not just ordinary melted cheese, but a bread accent that's flavored with cheese. Croutons are the best natural fit here, and the melted cheese inside the hot soup really makes it interesting.

3. Potato nugget soup. You can prepare the potato any way you want, but I would suggest baking it to keep it healthy. Boiling the potato is another way to go, as it'll naturally boil while being cooked with the soup anyway.

4. Pumpkin soup. A great option for the fall holiday, and a tasty treat as well. Add some spices into this one for an extra touch. It can be served both hot and cold, and I'd suggest sprinkling in a bit of pepper or other seasoning to give it an extra kick.

Lastly, a cream of turkey soup with turkey dumplings inside. This requires a bit more work, but it's such a great soup and my personal favorite. If you have the energy to pull this off and you like turkey, then I know how you'll feel about this soup.

These are a few of many ideas that you can bring to the kitchen. Have some great meals now!

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