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We all had our new years resolutions didn’t we? By March they are probably all been forgotten and put aside, the new diet, the plans to run each night. Well don’t give up hope yet, there is still a lot of 2009 left to change and adapt for. Sports reviews can be the perfect way to inspire you into getting back into shape as keeping fit no longer has to be tedious or boring. Keeping in shape can now be fun with all the new technology available, here we shall look at some of the sport reviews currently for those all important products!

Ever fancied a personal trainer but have been put off by the price? Well Nokia is now offering the option to have a personal training system with your phone with the Nokia Sports Tracker. The Nokia phone comes complete with free software that will help you and guide you through your training, with a training diary and route mapping device. You can input all of your vital statistics and begin your training. The phone also contains sat nav technology so not only can you check your texts and calls you can see exactly what you have achieved in a run-perfect for those planning a marathon.

The next product up for sports reviews is the Salter Nutri-weigh slim electronic scale, which is ideal for those wanting to keep track on what foods they are eating and the nutritional value of each food. Programmed to weigh the value of up to 999 different foods including its calorie content, fat content and salt content. This product will ensure you know exactly what you are getting in your diet; there will never be an excuse again to not know.

Next up is the very flash and professional looking Trixter X-dream fitness bike, sports reviews for this product look really promising. The bike itself composes of a bike and a computer rig, allowing users to experience sports technology at its best. The bike is full of sensors so the computer always knows what you are up to and can give you mountain bike simulation at its best. If you are really determined to burn the pounds for the year than this bike will help you achieve that easily, unfortunately the only issue is the price of the bike. If you want to add to your own personal gym then this is probably one of the best accessories you could get.

Lastly but definitely not least is the Lavod MusicTube waterproof MP3 player, which is designed to help swimmers with boredom and achieving their goals to the sounds of music. This product overall is interesting but wasn’t designed too well. Firstly your local lifeguard may suggest that wearing them will make you less aware of your surroundings and you don’t want to be swimming into others with your music blaring. But if you find a place you won’t be swimming into anyone then the results can be quite pleasant and rewarding, definitely good for those who need to be distracted when exercising!

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