Star Vs The Forces of Evil – Face The Music Review! TOO MANY KIDS!

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  1. Kiwi730 MSP Kiwi730 MSP

    I understand why Star left, there was so much going on. The high commission we're fighting, the mewmans we're fighting, and Marco was confused if Star liked her

  2. Kori March Kori March

    Her dress could have some hooped part around the hips and or have bunched up tulle to give her her heart shape figure

  3. Layla Hellsing Layla Hellsing

    7:53 am I the only one who gets really mad at Star because she threw all that revealing stuff about keeping secrets from the high commission and losing Glossaryck into the song?

  4. Miaokitten Miaokitten

    50, 50 kids. Well, more than 50 since Blodo is the 50th kid

  5. MantisQueen9 MantisQueen9

    Nah, ignorance isn't bliss. It's blindness and last I checked, being blind isn't good. The only benefit you get from being blind is it strengthens all your other senses but even then, ignorance can't do anything like that. If anything, I'd rather have the truth from leaders instead of lies. A person sure can tell how sick I am of people lying and being lied to XD

  6. Kaaayy Kaaayy

    Karma bites back hard, now doesn't it😊..

  7. H.C's Chanel H.C's Chanel

    you know when you think about this song shows all the sides to star: she's kind she's sweet she really does try to be a good princess, she's fierce and adventurous and a bit of a rebel always having fun… and most importantly she's still torn up about glossoric and the book, she's been trying to move on but can't, and not only that but she's shocked and hurt at what her parents are doing about it, all it seems like they're doing is keeping quite, and this surprised her and cut her pretty deep. and finally that even though it's pretty obvious star thought she'd done a good job hiding her feelings for marco.

  8. Musical Bella 2016 Musical Bella 2016

    I like the song but my definite favorite part was when star told Marco to "hold that thought" and jumped on her pink cloud and flew away I just thought that was priceless! Lol but am I the only person who Thought maybe.. Just maybe and I may be heading into head canon Territory if this is it confirmed.. that Ludo's part of the wand ( The skeleton hand ) could be toffees skeleton/hand?? And that's kind of how toffees hand became a part of Ludo??? ( I really hope I spelled everybody's name right sorry if I didn't!)

  9. BenHopkins1000 BenHopkins1000

    If Ludo is the runt of his family, why is he described as an older brother of Dennis? Is it like Rigby and Don from Regular Show, where everyone mistakes Don as the older brother because he's taller?

  10. InitioDoesStuff InitioDoesStuff

    Haahaaa for all filipinos(and filipinas(not sexist) Minudo is a food

  11. The Wandering Shimada The Wandering Shimada

    Ruberiot finna' roast that ass boiiiiiiiiiiii

  12. JanaTheHusky JanaTheHusky

    tbh I hated how Star treated Ruberiot. It makes me soooooo madddddd

  13. Tris Prior Tris Prior

    The voice of the musician is Patrick Stumph, the ex singer of Fall Out Boy

  14. Reshawn Drezen Barriga Reshawn Drezen Barriga

    I like ludos mother

  15. Neri 4x4 Neri 4x4


  16. Etriuswimbleton Etriuswimbleton

    I respect that you're more scrupulous and more keen than the other theorists regarding about SVTFOE episodes.

  17. Etriuswimbleton Etriuswimbleton

    did you know Menudo is a dish in our country?

  18. 【PʜᴏᴛᴏɴPʜᴇᴇ】 【PʜᴏᴛᴏɴPʜᴇᴇ】

    W E MU S T G O BY W I NG M'L A D Y

  19. Starlight Glimmer Starlight Glimmer

    Omg I never even realized that him looking at Star and Marco hugging had ANYTHING to do with the song! XD

  20. Sol Luna Sol Luna

    Menudo is a dish.


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