Style 101 tips on Seducing With Style

Style and design tend to be topics that many guys tend to dismiss, but is one of the most important skills that a guy can build. Having a great sense of style can result in far better first impressions, other people treating you nicely, and great reactions from women.

The new section of Style 101 is the new section for guys to learn the basic, important fundamentals of style, written in a clear, concise way.

That said, how can you get going in enhancing your style? Here are 3 useful tips you can follow to start improving your style today:

1) Grooming

Grooming might not seem like it has to do with style and clothing, but this one is major. There are way too many men on the market who do not shower enough, don’t shave, and otherwise don’t take good care of themselves.

Regardless of how nice your clothing is, you just aren’t going to make a good impression if you are improperly groomed and have bad hygiene.

2) Fit

The fit of your clothes is probably the most important things to bear in mind when buying apparel. Your clothes should be suited to your body, without appearing too restricted. If your clothing is too little, you appear absurd, and if your clothes is too baggy, you end up looking sloppy. The saggy, gangster look (luckily) went out of style in the 90s, therefore make sure your own clothes fits.

3) Colors

A lot of guys are scared to experiment with colors, but they’re missing out on an important piece of their style toolbox. Color is such a impressive factor to wear considering that colors convey feelings. For example, yellow can be regarded as being a happy and trustworthy color, while orange is dashing and exciting.

Numerous studies have also shown that girls are fascinated by men who wear red clothes (which is related to romance, passion, and exhilaration). The important thing is that if your closet consists only of drab greys and blacks, it’s time to mix things up with a splash of color.

Ideally, the above mentioned three points are helpful to you, and you can begin applying them today to enhance your style. Never ever make yet another bad impression again!

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