The Best 5 Animation Software You Can Purchase Today – 3D Animation Software

3D or three dimensional animation software is now the most important technology of this planet as we can easily create an entire new world just by using this software. Now a day, in a large number of industries 3D animation software is used for creating 3D computer generated imagery.

Generally, the movie industry uses this type of software for manipulating and creating several characters as well as objects for animation. In the list of industry, several gaming industries also use 3D animation software for building different types of games whereas the architecture industry creates several demo models of the landscapes and proposed buildings.

Much software develops 3D animations.

Top three of such software at this moment is given below-

MAYA: – Maya is the latest software for 3D computer animation, which has re thrown 3D max from the number 1 place. Many professionals stop using 3D max after the release of Maya. This software has a very friendly user interface. It can be used both for linear and non-linear animation. The latest price value of this software is $ 1,470.

The other plus points of this software are that it has a terrific lighting effects and shading option in built. Academy Award for scientific and technical achievement was given to Maya in the year of 2003.

3D Max: – 3D Max is the oldest of all the 3D animation software. Even today, this software is being used in the movies and television serials. This software also supports character animation along with forming characters and animations. This software costs $ 2,695.

Poser: – Poser is also another common name in the market of 3D animation software. It mainly focuses on the character rendering and animation.

Now we come to the point of the other 3D animation software that is also available in the market for sale:-

· AC3D:- This is one kind of 3D modelling software. It is also used in many industries as it can generate output file for render man as well as POV-Ray though it does not feature its own renderer.

· 3DMagix: – It is a open source of 3D studio for animation, texturing and modelling. Multi-resolution sculpting is also present into it. On all the platforms like Windows, Linux etc you can use this software.

· Cinema 4D: – The lay users generally use this software. Additional cost is applied to the original cost of this software if the user wants to add additional functions into it. Windows, Linux etc also supports this software.

Now let us discuss on the points which should be kept in mind before buying any 3D Animation Software

· Configuration of your computer should be good enough as this software does not support in the computers of lower configuration. Minimum 1GB of Ram is needed for running this software. (3DMagix gets our vote for the most versatile and easy to use)

· Well and clear picture will come through this software if you have graphics card in your computer.

· Cost – It should not be too expensive and should be reasonable priced. (3DMagix wins the vote again with the cost of only $ 50)

· In addition, the CPU’s speed is the most important factor. In short, one should have a computer with higher-end graphics oriented.

Both commercial and free 3D animation software are available in the market. Please consider them after seeing their own price tag and feature lists.

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