“The Broken-Glass Circus” — Original Short Story — Weird Fiction Month

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    • avatar Honest Rebellion 20 1

      I shouldnt have listened to this at 3 in the morning in a dark room. Like I swear I freaked out when I realized that she was getting rapped before she did. Thanks for the nightmares 😂

      • avatar jew know who 1

        Wait so it was jaquan and not the humunculus in that…. attack scene at the end right?

        • avatar Master of Suicide 1

          A little bit longer break after the story and before the "outro talk" would have been nice^^
          Bot otherwise a truly magnificent story^^
          Everything event remotely related to lovecraft seems to be my thing.

          • avatar Yahia El-Araby 1

            I knew it was gonna be the real Jaquan even before he cursed it just felt like that was the twist in store for this story.

            • avatar Phil Collins 1

              You've now given me an excuse to use the phrase "heebie jeebies" for the first time in years.
              This story gave me the heebie jeebies.

              • avatar Landed Tube 1

                Thanks for my introduction to weird fiction I have read hp love craft and more but I didn't have a name for it I just called it messed up sifi

                • avatar Landed Tube 1

                  Umm… thanks for nightmares.

                  • avatar jean hadders 1

                    that was dark

                    • avatar therehegothatsJONDOE 1

                      This is probably this best story I have ever heard. Great work.

                      • avatar annajane8890 1

                        "Frankenstiened," lol. Also, this will be in my nightmares for about a month, thank you very much.

                        • avatar Empty Intentions 1

                          Good story besides the handjob bit… Could have done without that part