1. Honest Rebellion 20 Honest Rebellion 20

    I shouldnt have listened to this at 3 in the morning in a dark room. Like I swear I freaked out when I realized that she was getting rapped before she did. Thanks for the nightmares 😂

  2. jew know who jew know who

    Wait so it was jaquan and not the humunculus in that…. attack scene at the end right?

  3. Master of Suicide Master of Suicide

    A little bit longer break after the story and before the "outro talk" would have been nice^^
    Bot otherwise a truly magnificent story^^
    Everything event remotely related to lovecraft seems to be my thing.

  4. Yahia El-Araby Yahia El-Araby

    I knew it was gonna be the real Jaquan even before he cursed it just felt like that was the twist in store for this story.

  5. Phil Collins Phil Collins

    You've now given me an excuse to use the phrase "heebie jeebies" for the first time in years.
    This story gave me the heebie jeebies.

  6. Landed Tube Landed Tube

    Thanks for my introduction to weird fiction I have read hp love craft and more but I didn't have a name for it I just called it messed up sifi

  7. Landed Tube Landed Tube

    Umm… thanks for nightmares.

  8. jean hadders jean hadders

    that was dark

  9. therehegothatsJONDOE therehegothatsJONDOE

    This is probably this best story I have ever heard. Great work.

  10. annajane8890 annajane8890

    "Frankenstiened," lol. Also, this will be in my nightmares for about a month, thank you very much.

  11. Empty Intentions Empty Intentions

    Good story besides the handjob bit… Could have done without that part


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