The Cabbage Soup Diet – Why It Doesn’t Work

The popular Cabbage Soup Diet is a bad idea, even if you just need to lose 5 pounds fast.

This fad diet has been around for years, and over 1,200 people search for the famous cabbage soup recipe on the Internet every single day. People often look for this diet because they’ve used it in the past, and it ‘worked’.

If you make up your pot of soup and eat nothing but the soup, and the few extra foods that the diet allows, you will lose weight fast.

And then you regain all the weight you lost, plus a pound or two. People always credit a low-calorie diet for any weight they lose, and then blame themselves for gaining it back. However, scientists have known for 91 years that the diet itself causes the weight gain.

The bottom line: never start a low-calorie diet of any kind, including the cabbage soup diet, unless you want to end up even fatter than you already are.

Weight gain isn’t the only reason to stay away from this diet. If you manage to stay on the soup and banana regimen for very long you may also suffer from one of the many side-effects that are caused by low-calorie and low-fat diets.

Doctors rarely prescribe very low calorie diets (VLCD), but when they do, they often require their patients to remain in a clinical setting so their health can be constantly monitored, because this type of diet is not safe. The cabbage diet is particularly low in fat, so you get no fat-soluble vitamins at all. Without fat-soluble vitamins, your body must pull nutrients and calcium from your bones and other cells. A nutrient deficiency can arise quickly, along with other side effects and symptoms.

Among the known problems that can be caused by eating low-calorie and low-fat diets are:

– Depression.

– Food cravings.

– Feeling tired and listless.

– Constant hunger and food cravings.

– Reduced interest in sex.

– Chronic fatigue.

– Hypothyroidism.

– Hormone imbalance.

– Scaly skin, or eczema.

– Premature wrinkling of the skin.

– Dandruff, or dull, lifeless hair.

– Mood swings.

– Chronic yeast infections.

– Poor immune system – frequent colds or respiratory illnesses.

– Digestive problems such as irritable bowl syndrome or Crohn’s disease.

– Insulin resistance.

The cabbage soup diet is both very low calorie, and very low fat, so you’re likely to feel slightly ill on the diet from the very start. Plus, the high concentration of cabbage will cause intestinal problems in almost anyone. And you’ll end up weighing more than you started, because that’s one of the inevitable results from any low-calorie diet.

Bottom line: The cabbage soup diet doesn’t work for permanent weight loss, and it could make you sick. So why not choose a more rational approach, instead?

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