The Kind Of Humor Women Love

It is common knowledge that women love men with a great sense of humor and that can make them laugh.

But why is humor so important to women?

Cause when you make her laugh her body releases hormones called Endorphins.

These hormones create a natural high sensation that women love since they are a lot more attuned to their emotions. The natural high sensation that they get is similar to the feeling women get when they eat chocolate. And since you know how much women love chocolate, you can see the silver lining here.

But you need to realize that not all humor is going to be amusing to women and failing to be the right kind of funny could very easily be sabotaging your dating game.

Note that no woman wants a clown; not in public and definitely not in private (unless she is into some weird fetish). And that brings up an important question that you must answer:

“What Humor Do Women love?”

Now unless you are a stand-up comedian, then you had better avoid trying to be funny by using the generic kind of jokes you would find in joke books or you hear at a comedy show.

Let me explain to you why…

The reason you shouldn’t use those jokes is because of the “Comedian Aspect”. Remember that you don’t want to appear as a clown or a comical entertainer of any sort.

And this is the social image that those rehearsed jokes will create for you.

There is a reason rehearsed jokes only work well in comedy shows and stand up routines and thats because in those setting you only have a dialogue. When in conversation with women such jokes only make you appear starved for attention.

So the kind of humor that you should strive to have is a mixture of witty humor and great self confidence.

The reason that women love this kind of humor is because the wit reveals a certain high level of intelligence and the confidence… well women just love confidence in men. This kind of humor is most commonly known as ‘Cocky Humor’.

Witty Humor + Confidence = Cocky Humor

Now please note that there is a fine line between ‘Cocky Humor’ and plain old arrogance. Learning how to tread that line requires some experience but that isn’t hard to acquire.

You will find that the hardest part is allowing yourself to be confident enough to be ‘Cocky’.

Why? Because to use ‘Cocky Humor’ effectively you must have a lot of self confidence.

Let me explain…

When you use ‘Cocky Humor’ on a beautiful woman, you will a lot of the time have to be confident enough to tease her. Though you must also have a charming nature to yourself (that comes from great confidence and the right body language) so as to communicate a playful nature behind your bold words.

‘Cocky Humor’ is playfully good natured & that’s what makes it fun for women. It communicates that you have confidence and intelligent wit. And these are both traits you want her to see in you.

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