The storage method of all kinds of tea

How to store wholesale tea better, is one of the contents of tea friends concerned about. If you want to know the store wholesale tea, must first understand the wholesale tea will be destroyed by what factors, and then know how to store, in order to avoid damage by these factors. And the quality of all kinds of wholesale tea have different, the type and extent of damage is also different, so storage way and requirements are different. The following points are said that different wholesale tea storage requirements and methods of not fermented tea, semi-fermented tea and fermented tea.

1. Not fermented tea (green tea)

Not fermented tea includes white (such as the life of the eyebrow, silver needle pekoe), yellow (such as: silver needle, huangshan maofeng), green (such as longjing, “biluochun” ). Not fermented tea contains high amount of vitamins and nutrients, extremely vulnerable to damage, so the requirement of storage is also very high. Not fermented tea is most vulnerable to sun light, the effect of moisture and odor and destroy them.

Once the sun, be affected with damp or be affected with damp, wholesale tea will change color, and go bad. The wholesale tea is extremely sensitive, if placed casual and contacted peculiar smell, wholesale tea would absorb the smell and the influence and destroy their own taste.

So, store green tea must: sun protection, moistureproof, prevent odor.

If the quantity of wholesale tea is not much, estimated that within a few months will be exhausted, only placed in the shade ventilated place. Of course, packet must be sealed, avoid odor. Tin can is the best packet, in order to avoid the sun. High-grade tea pot and tea boxes attached paper cortex when sold on the market are also available. Just, the tin foil bag inside pots must be retained, and wholesale tea will be more resistant to accept. The most avoid is used a glass jar with coffee essence. Was basked in by light, and suffered from the smell of coffee essence.

If the quantity of wholesale tea is not much and ready to drink more than a year, it must be hidden in the freezer. Deliberate before drinking to thaw. The following year, wholesale tea is still fresh like green leaves.

2. Half fermented wholesale tea (green tea,oolong, tieguanyin)

Semi-fermented wholesale tea is oolong class. It has the characteristics both not fermented tea and fermented tea has. Storage of oolong, therefore, must be like to store green tea: sun protection, moistureproof, prevent odor. However, since oolong after fermentation process, are more durable than green one. Don’t hide coolers, green can be guaranteed for about a year, oolong, two, three years, but there is no frost box of frozen insurance interest, about after a month the wholesale tea is mostly not fresh.

Oolong has light roasting and heavy roasting. Generally, light roasting is more similar to green. So, life is short, long under the freezer. Some, such as Taiwan high mountain oolong, is slightly fermented, and life is as fragile as green one.

Storage methods of semi-fermented tea and fermented tea are basic similar. However, due to oolong service life is longer, you can relax some storage requirements.

Some oolong, like wuyi rock tea, sometimes people deliberately hide. After two or three years aroma disappear, have health care function. Locals open grapefruit and take the meat, and then put the rock into pomelo peel, with a needle and thread sewing back grapefruit. It’s said to have health care function. This kind of wholesale tea called grapefruit tea, is also a way to store wholesale tea.

3. The fermented tea (black tea)

Fully fermented tea includes black tea and red tea. This kind of wholesale tea after complete fermentation process has no the characteristics of green. The essences of wholesale tea and taste have been converted into peculiar smell after fermentation. The taste, the longer the more alcohol, the higher the more valuable .So there’s no need to moistureproof, prevent bask in. However, seal it is necessary. Lest be peculiar smell. Now that don’t need moisture, sun protection, freezers don’t need to income .Just leave it at room temperature, the more mature.

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