Three Business Opportunities Brought by Comic and Animation Industry

As is known to all, comic and animation industry in Japan has formed a complete industrial chain and produces a lot of business opportunities to promote the development of the Japanese economy. According to the statistics from Japan External Trade Organization, in 2008, three years ago, the total gaining from Japanese anime films and related products was more than ten billion U.S. dollar, what’s more, the generalized comic and animation industry actually becomes the most money-making industry than automotive industry in Japan. Do you know why comic and animation industry in Japan becomes so powerful?

Three kinds of business opportunity are brought by comic and animation industry. The comic and animation managers make animated cartoons, the commercial agents sell their products and then played through film and television systems. Finally, many enterprises purchase the copyright of figures in famous animated cartoons to develop animation derivative products and many merchants sell such derivative products. All this process can be called the comic and animation industry chain. For a long time, three business opportunities are formed.

Firstly, business opportunity from animation films broadcasted. According to the survey data that has been announced in Japan, in 2008, there were about 81 animation films showed on the screen in domestic cinemas. About more than 80 sets comic and animation programs would be on show every week in Japanese television broadcast stations. In the whole year, about 4000 sets comic and animation programs would be put on the screen.

Secondly, business opportunity from comic and animation related products. Japan enterprises take good advantage of the secondary development of comic and animation works to enhance the added value of them. Figures, writing materials, toys, games software and dress derived from comic and animation works have formed a huge comic and animation industry chain in the whole world. In the past few years, Mobile Suit Gundam, one famous comic and animation work in Japan, was the best example. Among the whole amount of sales from Bandai Wiz, the largest toys manufacturer in Japan, about 15% to 17% of income was from the sale of toy robots with comic and animation related theme.

Thirdly, business opportunity from exporting comic and animation related products. By this way, it makes the Japan comic and animation works famous in the whole world and Japanese comic and animation producers also pay more attention to open up overseas markets. Nowadays, about 68 countries have broadcasted Japan comic and animation series and 40 countries have put famous comic and animation movies on screen.

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