Tim Squyres, Film Editor

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    • avatar How to swabi 2

      waooo nice u must see my videos

      • avatar Mahesh Cr 0

        i think the leading actor is not at all good.i don't know how u choose the actor but next time please note how realistic the lead actor is.

        • avatar GranD Velázquez 1

          Hola con mucho gusto he compartido tu video, saludos.

          • avatar GranD Velázquez 2

            Que software utilizo este mago de la edición..?

            • avatar GranD Velázquez 1

              con que tranquilidad Tim Squyres da la entrevista ya me imagino como estaría de estresado con la película….muy pequeño el monitor para editar las secuencias.

              • avatar Anand VrikshA 0

                did he edit the whole movie on macbook pro?

                • avatar warp2125 1

                  That was a very interesting video. Real insight into being an editor.

                  • avatar roger piero 2

                    Is film school really necessary? I've always wanted to get into that.

                    • avatar Drew Russell 2

                      Life of Pi had some of the best Editing Imaginable.