Tips About How a Diamond Consultant Can Help You Purchase the Greatest Loose Diamond

The concept of recruiting a diamond consultant might sound elitist, but if you’re in the market place for a loose diamond, you’ll be able to afford to hire a diamond consultant. In fact, you actually can’t afford not to pick one when you are intent on acquiring the extremely finest diamond for your money. Just as a diamond buyer, you’re just capable of buying a diamond dependent on the restricted knowledge you are able to obtain by doing research, such as learning about the 4 Cs. But a diamond advisor not only puts several years of experience to work but has connections inside the business that may allow you to get the really best loose diamond. And naturally, the diamond consultant’s major concern is that you simply are pleased with your purchase. Here are the fundamentals of working with a diamond advisor.

* A diamond guide works on a flat-fee basis. This provides a distinct benefit more than the percentage-based charge traditionally payed off to jewelers. No matter what diamond you buy, the advisor gets the identical price, so he can focus on obtaining you the most effective loose diamond for your dollar.

* Your spending budget is a crucial consideration for the diamond advisor in terms of narrowing down your options, so nail it down. If you change your spending budget, even by a few thousand dollars, you’ll quickly be confused about your choices.

* That said, try to be flexible with your price range. Your advisor might locate a diamond which is only a couple of thousand dollars more than your price range however considerably brighter or larger than other alternatives. This is because imperfections that lower the value of the diamond might be invisible to the human eye alone, creating a much better diamond value for your investment.

* Be sure your consultant operates with GIA-certified diamonds. This will ensure that you get what you pay for where your diamond is concerned.

* Choose what shape diamond you are looking for ahead of time as well. There are lots of pictures on the internet to assist you. The large majority of diamonds purchased in the US are round, while a tiny amount are square shaped.

* Allow lots of time for your search as well as be patient. Almost all diamond consultants keep their fees feasible by maintaining a very small stock; your diamond consultant may possibly have to contact numerous sources prior to discovering the ideal selection. Diamond professionals don’t have allegiance to any kind of specific vendor, that would be to your advantage since they can concentrate on finding the best diamond for your money. Nevertheless, performing this hunt takes time.

* Cautiously evaluate the return policy for your diamond. Usually, results must be made within seven days. Make sure to tell the consultant why, specifically, you don’t like the diamond. Just like any relationship, communication with your diamond consultant is step to a happy ending.

If you follow these rules, then working with your chosen diamond consultant should be a breeze.

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