Tongue piercing from Piercing Mania

The tongue piercing, a steadily popular piercing that is worn with a lot of pleasure by both men and women. Not really that surprising since it’s easy to hide when placed slightly to the back but still very sexy and rebellious. Piercing Mania offers loads of tongue piercings in a wide selection.
Tongue piercing from Piercing Mania
Piercing Mania
is a webshop that specialized on everything that has anything to do with piercings and body jewellery. The tongue piercing is no exception and therefore Piercing Mania offers a rather wide selection of tongue piercings. In various designs, colours and materials. With so many tongue piercing to choose from it might even become quite the challenge to find the ultimate tongue piercing. No worries, Piercing Mania has several tools to help you find the best tongue piercing for you.
Tongue piercing materials
Just as other piercings the tongue piercing is available in different materials. With 316L surgical steel as the default material. This because steel is easy to work with, it has a strong endurance and is always priced accordingly. But if you are looking for something are but more exclusive that is also no problem. Tongue piercings made from titanium, acrylics and gold are also present. Especially gold but titanium as well might be somewhat too expensive for some. Don’t worry because Piercing Mania also offers titanium and gold plated tongue piercings which do have the desired upper layer but carry steel underneath, and that makes them a lot more affordable.
Tongue piercing search filters
With many possibilities when it comes the tongue piercing assortment choosing the right one might become slightly complicated. Thankfully Piercing Mania has several search filters which help you bring the selection down to those tongue piercings that are relevant for you.
Strong tongue piercing service from Piercing Mania
Piercing Mania is also known for its strong and solid service. Not only when it comes to selling but also with providing as much information as possible to help you make a better choice. One of those tools is the piercing blog. Piercing Mania in-house expert writes a blog about piercings every week and tries to cover as many topics as possible. From the different pro’s and con’s about materials to the standardized sizes of piercings. Knowledge is power and in this cause provides you with the power to make informed decisions.
But Piercing Mania also offers strong service when selling tongue piercings. If your order before 17:00 your order will shipped the very same day. And if your order exceeds 10 pounds your order will be shipped for free. And on the off chance that your tongue piercing doesn’t fully meet all your needs you simply send it back within 30 days. No problem. Do however keep in mind that youre not allowed to remove the piercing from its sealed bag if you intend to return your order. This because of hygienic reasons.

Piercing Mania is a leading online shop selling body jewelry / piercings and all that comes with it. Our collection contains all kinds of different piercings. When looking for a new tongue piercing you certainly will succeed here.

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