Top 5 Reasons Guys Enter The Friend Zone

Now these 5 things are what so men of us men do when interacting with women that automatically makes us candidates for her friend zone. Trust me, if you have spent some time in the friend zone then you will definitely recognize several of these in your dating style.

So here are the top 5 ways to quickly enter her friend zone:

1. Being Clingy

“Absence Make The Heart Grow Fond”

You rarely get to appreciate that which is ever present and the the same applies in the dating game. A lot of men think that constantly flooding her with attention will magically make her see you as ‘mister reliable and ever-present’ and this will make her date you. And while this reasoning seems logical on some level, in reality, it really doesn’t work out like that.

Why? Simply because your being clingy sends the message that she is your number one focus and that your life sought of revolves around her. Believe it or not, but this is the WRONG message to send a girl because girls like a guy that has his own life going on, a guy who has a focus other than her, goals other than just pleasing her and a guy with a backbone. Remember that a clingy man = a dependent man = friend zone material.

Since she wants you to be independent, be mysteriously distant every now and then, and don’t bend over backwards to please her every desire. Let her crave your more and more of your attention.

2. Being Overly Nice & Polite

“Nice guys usually do finish last!”

Now don’t get me wrong, I am NOT saying that you go out there and be a complete ass. No what I mean is that when you try to be the “Perfect Gentleman” all the time you send out the wrong message, and the message is this: I am trying too hard to gain your approval and your attention by appearing perfect.

So unless you really are royalty or filthy rich and therefore have the money and wardrobe to match, then please avoid the perfect gentleman approach to attracting women. Ignore everything mommy said about always being nice to girls. Mix things up to appear unpredictable to women; sometimes be a bit of an ass and sometimes be a nice guy. If you mix things up like this she will be attracted to you because of your unpredictability.

3. Sharing Gossip With Her

DO NOT engage in mindless gossip PERIOD! Few things make a guy look worse than him being a gossip. It presents the image that you have nothing better to do than to dwell on the lives of others. Also gossip is usually associated with girls, so a guy constantly gossiping presents a feminine image that you really do not want to have unless you want the girl of your dreams thinking of you as one of the girls.

4. Being The Wrong Kind Of Funny

When women say that they want a man with a good sense of humor, a lot of men misunderstand what kind of humor she really means. Please note that although all women like “funny guys”, I am still yet to meet a woman that wants to date a clown.

The kind of humor that women love is called ‘Cocky Humor’. It is a mix of playfulness, extreme confidence and wit. If you still doubt me then please go ahead and buy a joke book, memorize some of those jokes and see how far they get you.

So why does Cocky Humor work? Simply because it communicates great self confidence while at the same time building physical, sexual and emotional tension between the two of you. In other words, it leaves her thinking of you.

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5. Always Say Yes To Her

The word ‘No’ in the eyes of women holds more water than the word ‘Yes’. This is because too many men try to suck up to women by being super nice to them and being ‘Yes Men’. Therefore it sends a powerful message when you are able to tell a pretty woman “No” to a request of hers that she would otherwise expect an obvious “Yes”. It tells her that you are man enough to say no to her and thus you are your own man. Women love strong independent men. Failure to think for yourself and be your own man will result in her not respecting you as a man and the only place you will end up is in her Friend Zone.

As an ending note, you need to realize that with the whole feminist movement some ’empowered’ women are actually looking for men with some of these qualities. However the resultant relationships are almost always destined to fail; just look at the crazy divorce rates these days. And why do these relationships fail? Because in those relationships the man is not the man in the relationship, the woman is the man in the relationship. Remember that for a long term and meaningful relationship a man must be the man in the relationship, not the woman. So unless you enjoy being in a whipped relationship then please avoid these 5 dating sins like a disease.

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