Top 8 Advantages Of Internet Marketing

Ring! The alarm clock goes off and its Monday already and you are saying Here we go again, man the week end was just was not long enough. You get up and take a quick shower and eat your breakfast and its off to work to a boss, and co.workers you cannot stand.

No this is not a bad dream, this is a reality for millions of people today and that is the bad news but the good news is, there is an alternative.

No I am not talking about winning the lottery or buying a franchise or even getting into real estate.

What I am talking about, is internet marketing. You say, OH you mean Ebay! I have tried that before and that does not work. No there is more to internet marketing than selling on ebay.

In the basic sense, internet marketing is finding a market and seeing what they are searching for and giving them the product they want to buy over the internet. Any way lets look at some of the advantages of internet marketing.

The first advantage to internet marketing is the ease of entry. You can buy a domain name for less that $ 10 for a whole year and web hosting for less than $ 50 a month. That is less that $ 1,000 a year combined.

Which brings us to the second advantage of internet marketing, and this is low overhead. In internet marketing your overhead is a computer which you can get less than $ 1000 at your local electronics store and your internet service provider is usually cheap.

Also your web hosting and a domain of course and some keyword research tools and auto responder software and your marketing.

If you were to buy a franchise you would probably spend millions, just to get into the door and that is before you even make a profit and you would have to deal with employees.

The third advantage to internet marketing is the geographic flexibility it provides. You can be almost any where in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Your business is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

The fourth advantage to internet marketing is You do not have to deal with a boss. Almost of us have dealt with some pretty arrogant, mean, and stupid bosses but when you in the internet marketing business you call the shots.

.The fifth advantage of internet marketing is you do not have to deal with co. workers. I am sure you have been there, co. workers that goof off and do not pull their weight and talking about you behind your back but in internet marketing you have more control with whom you work with.

The sixth advantage of internet marketing is you can set your own hours. When you have a regular job you have to work 9-5 or when your employer tells you to come to work. In internet marketing you have more flexibility in your schedule.

If you are a night person you can work your internet business at night and if you are a morning person you can work in the morning and if you are an evening person you can work in the evening.

The seventh advantage of internet marketing is you do not have to deal with employees. Employees can be a pain. Employees can be very demanding and you have to worry if they are going to come to work on time and it cost you more money because you have to pay your employees those benefits

In internet marketing you may have to do some outsourcing but you do not have to have employees because most of your internet business can be automated.

Which brings us to the eighth and final advantage of internet marketing and that is, unlike other businesses, you can put your internet business on auto pilot. What this means is, once you have tested your ads and have done enough marketing and sent enough traffic to your website and you have a good conversion rate, your internet business will run on autopilot.

The reason this is possible because you can you use auto responders to follow up your customers automatically and you can use a payment processor that automatically collect payments from your customers.

These are some of the advantages of internet marketing that I feel will help you on your road to financial independence.

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