Top Courses of Film Editing & Photography

The actors and actresses may seem to be the central figures of the film industry, but in reality there is a lot more to Bollywood. From producers to directors, screenplay writers to cinematographers, music directors to singers, the success of any movie hinges on many people. From the camera man to set designers, there are people who are the first to reach and last to leave. To make a career in the film industry, it is important that you are aware of the indispensable role each person who works behind the scenes plays.

A typical film school offers many courses for people aspiring for different careers in the film industry. Read below to know about the courses a film school usually offers:

1. Degree courses in cinema

Many colleges like AAFT School of Cinema offer Bachelor and Post Graduate courses in cinema wherein a student receives world cinema exposure, is taught about filmmaking in depth, and can choose to specialise in acting, directing, cinematography, writing, or editing. Such intensive programmes equip students with the know-how of the field of cinema by imparting both theoretical and practical education and training.

2. Diplomas in various areas

Many schools also offer one-year-long post graduate diploma courses in different areas like acting, camera and lighting techniques, post production, visual communication, Film and TV production and direction etc. Such short-term courses allow students to gain more exposure in their chosen fields after graduation. Many colleges even provide 3-month-long diploma courses in screenplay writing and other above-mentioned fields.

3. Photography courses

Photography being an integral constituent of the entertainment sector, some film schools also offer separate photography courses to the aspiring photographers. In fact such professional courses also offer a platform to the students to showcase their skills and carve a niche for themselves in the industry.

Frankly, considering how competitive people are in the world of cinema, there is no place for the word average. Only by becoming extremely skilled at your field can you expect the doors of opportunity to open for you. Hence, even if you are pursuing film editing courses or acting courses from one of the best institutes, you have to go the extra mile to make a name for yourself in the field. Your teachers can give you their all, but it’s only your individual hard work and struggles that will help you succeed at your work. Best of luck!

Photography being an integral constituent of the entertainment sector, some film schools also offer separate Photography Courses to the aspiring photographers.

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