We Run Rap Music – Part 1 – The Puppet Masters Of The Music Industry – Satanic Illuminati Exposed


  1. Vigilant Citizen Vigilant Citizen

    This channel could be shut down anyday so please subsrcibe to my back up channel as well. Thank you

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  2. Sako Gekchyan Sako Gekchyan

    If Rick Rubin does some weird shit all it means is that he's weird. There is no such thing as devils, magic and the illuminati.

    Rick Rubin is a phenomenal producer who also happens to be a bit eccentric.

    I know plenty of people who are into this New Age shit.

  3. Filmtress Mu Filmtress Mu

    This is what we don't know as Black people. Everyone including these Warlocks are performing Black Magic on us. This is why we're on the Bottom and they remain at the head making money off of us. F*ck them! The new allies are here!

  4. Hanne Lindblad Hanne Lindblad

    People don't understand that there are Jews from Jacob and there are Jews from Esau! Those form Esau are Kabbalah followers!

  5. Anti White Anti White

    Fuck white people. They the reason shit is fucked up.

  6. Sivan 1 Sivan 1

    rubin is a shriner

  7. ChristianSaintSavior ChristianSaintSavior

    Rick Rubin doing occult rituals in his studio? What? I never knew of this before. That is very disturbing.

  8. Ikeashia Barr Ikeashia Barr

    How about save up money and take a bus to a new state

  9. Santana Smith Santana Smith

    I've been a sheep this whole time this video made my head hurt but it opened my mind. great video btw i liked and subscribed

  10. ErmacJones ErmacJones

    I'll never feel bad for blacks getting screwed over when they sell out, greedy bastards shouldn't take the money, nobody forced you to make that deal, you did it because you're selfish and greedy, then you always want to play the victim, fuck that, you're just as bad, maybe worse than the people you're accepting the money from, you know what's going on and you still do it anyways, and you're the ones corrupting the youth, those Jews wouldn't be able to do it without the "artists", you deserve the hell they bring you.

  11. Vanessa Perez Vanessa Perez



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