Website hosting beginners training

Website hosting beginners training
Web hosting has become a very integral part of the internet. It is required by websites in order to store their files and data, in short the entire website. A fundamental understanding of web hosting is very essential for those who own a website or want to have online based dealings in the future.

A one-day basic training on Web Hosting has been scheduled to be held on Friday, the 16th of June 2017. The training is open to all who want to learn about web hosting or enhance their knowledge of hosting. The training has been organized by a team of professional webmasters who have spent more than a decade of their lives hosting pages and websites.

Date: 16th June 2017
Time: 9AM – 3PM
Entry/registration: per person, registrations are required to attend the training
Venue: Yet to be announced
Intake capacity: 40 people

Overview of the training
- Introduction to web hosting
- Different types of hosting
- Domain name and how to host/register a domain name
- Choosing the right hosting services

The entire training will also feature interactive learning sessions about web hosting so that participants get to know how it works more clearly.

There will be breaks between sessions where participants can quench their thirst or fill their stomach. Light refreshment and drinking water will be provided by the organizers so participants need not bring them.

However, participants should bring along pen and notepad/paper. Laptops are allowed but not recommended. There will also be parking spaces available but only on first come first basis. Registered participants have been asked to reach the venue by 8:30 AM and complete the registration process before the training starts. Visit this website for more details.

at Denver Movie Theatres
(Time and place determined the week of the movie )
Denver, United States

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