What makes cable TV not as good as satellite TV?

Satellite TV has made a lot of cable TV companies scared. This is so because satellite TV brings a large number of advantages over cable TV. The sound and picture quality is superior and the choice of programs is richer. In case you think that there is nothing you would like to see on TV then this is a sure sight that it is time for you to get satellite TV. The differences will surely amaze you.

The quality of cable TV versus the quality of satellite TV

Cable TV offers very limited bandwidth and this is why the quality is always so poor. First of all, the wire comes from the hub transmission system which is nearest to your home. When the signal is emitted from the source it is still quite good, but once it starts travelling through your community and splitting to reach numerous homes it degrades quite a lot. The cables are radio frequency based so the signal is converted from video/audio at the source to radio frequency and then when it reaches your home it needs to be re-converted once again in order to be understood by your TV set. While the signal is travelling anything that is being broadcasted through air tries to get into your cable line and this is why you sometimes get noise on the TV screen.

Unfortunately, another reason for the poor signal is that we do not treat the cables properly. Check out the splitters and RF cables in your home. Take one of them and bend it in half while someone is trying to watch TV. The picture will surely ghost. RF cables are not good for producing stereo sound so you should not expect good audio from cable TV. Another reason why the quality of the TV signal is poor is the splitter. Most of the splitters used nowadays actually have only a negative and a positive wire in them. If you want better quality you should get a more advanced splitter.

On the other hand, satellite TV signals remain digital until they reach their receiver. This in turn means that the quality of the video and the audio is a lot better. The resolution of the picture would be two to three times better with satellite TV. The sound that you get is always true stereo; or even Dolby Digital surround sound depending on your choice of program. Moreover, you get to have a lot more channels, which in turn means a lot more options for watching.

Most of the satellite TV providers available nowadays offer services anywhere so your location should not be troublesome when getting satellite TV. With satellite TV you can even watch HD channels. Moreover, in case your TV is older it might not even be capable of displaying the great picture that is provided for you and it might appear a bit worse. Therefore, get a new HD TV and satellite TV instead of cable TV to enjoy all the benefits!

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