What makes satellite TV stand out when compared to a Cable TV

Cable TV has been the primary source of television entertainment for the past several decades. Since the launch of cable TVs, the field of television has experienced a lot of revolutions. For the past several years cable TVs were always feared to be edged out by a number of other TV providers. And it seems that the end is near for cable TVs. One can rightly say that satellite TV will edge out cable TVs in the near future. Cable TV comes with a number of disadvantages and simply because a satellite TV is a refined version of it, it is favored by the majority of the masses. The main difference between a satellite TV and cable TV is that, the latter operates by airing shows or programs, on the other hand a satellite TV receives the signals of the program it airs from the respective satellites. You could now make out what probably makes satellite TV a stand out one when compared with Cable TV.

As a satellite TV operates on the basis of receiving clear cut signals from a satellite, it without doubt caters you with good quality pictures and videos. When compared to cable TV a satellite TV is special in almost all the aspects ranging from sound to the number of available channels. With a Cable TV reception you can encounter troubles like a cable wire break, cable box damage etc. There are no such issues coming with a satellite TV. This article deals with the topic “what makes satellite TV the stand out ones when compared to Cable TV”, if you wish to learn more, just read along.


Considering the availability factor of both networks would give you a clear picture about why satellite TVs is preferred more. On almost all occasions, a cable TV can be received only within an area limit that is dominated by the respective provider. Such a limitation makes it impossible for you to get Cable TV if you live outside the availability infrastructure of the cable provider. Satellite TV on the other hand has much border range and can be received from almost all the locations on the globe.

Channel packages

Unlike Cable TV, the dish networks provide you with some channel packages so that you are provided with the option of planning a budget to be spent on it. Studies have even proved that on most of the cases a cable TV would cost you more than a satellite TV, provided if you select the channel package wisely. A Cable TV being an older version does not come with such package options. So the price to be paid by the end of each month remains a constant. The dish networks allow you to add a channel to the package you have already selected at minimum rates.
Now if you are still a Cable TV subscriber then it is time for you to look into the matter more seriously and make a wise decision on whether to switch to a satellite network or not.

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