Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry Market Gaining Ground

The wholesale jewelry industry is dominated by a few well-known segments such as metals, precious stones, watches, clocks and silverware to name a few. Sales on both the wholesale and retail level in most of these market categories will vary to some degree based on the economy and of course the relative price of each. While the pricier of these glittering goodies have seen their market share decline during the recent economic downturn, other, less expensive jewelry types have actually seen a significant increase in sales; among them, wholesale stainless steel jewelry.

Think stainless steel and you generally think of rust-proof household and industrial items; shiny metal that stays shiny and looks great on kitchen appliances, car grills, and railway cars. Think a little harder and you might conjure other images for stainless steel; more ornamental uses that draw upon those same properties that make it such a desirable resource for more practical applications. One particular ornamental use for stainless steel that might come to mind is in stainless steel jewelry and the many designs and pieces made from this popular metal.

The wholesale stainless steel jewelry market has been the upswing for the last eight years. Manufacturer’s note that the durability, rust-resistance, and relative low cost of the metal are just a few of the attributes of stainless steel underlying its popularity among jewelry makers, and ultimately, the consumer. It will not corrode, it is not susceptible to scratches, dings or dents, and it can be made into almost any type of jewelry item.

One big source of demand for stainless jewelry is in the ever-expanding market segment that is the body jewelry adorned by those people with one, or as the case is more and more these days, multiple body piercings. Wholesale stainless steel manufacturers and distributors note that one of the biggest markets for their products is in the multitude of pieces they make for stainless steel body jewelry. The metal is extremely resistant to the elements, it is hypoallergenic, and most of all, it is incredibly attractive at a very low cost. The low cost of stainless compared to say silver or gold makes it an ideal choice to produce items that the consumer tends to buy repeatedly despite the recent recession. From nose rings, labret spikes, tongue balls, and eyebrow hoops, stainless steel is fast becoming a favorite base material for the wholesale manufacturers that produce these items.

Of course, a consequence of the growing popularity of stainless steel jewelry is that the price of the metal, along with almost all other metals, has been on the rise. The jewelry industry is responsible for a huge percentage of demand for all precious metals especially gold, silver and platinum. You can now add stainless steel to the jewelry industry’s list of metals whose price is influenced by demand in their business. However, like every other market, information is everything so with the growth of the Internet in every aspect of the precious metals markets, wholesalers and retailers of stainless steel jewelry can shop around for the best price of the metal or perhaps do some research and market watching to determine the most opportune time to buy stainless steel.

The recession that began in late 2007 and is still being felt to this day took a big bite out of the jewelry business, especially those areas of the industry dealing with higher ticket items. However, gaining ground during this time were less expensive and perhaps more practical metals such as stainless steel. Indeed, with the body jewelry business booming, the stainless steel jewelry business also hit its stride and continues to gain ground on its much more glamorous, though more expensive relatives.

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