Why Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors Are Necessary to Compensate Victims of Beauty Treatments

Cosmetic surgery is defined as the reshaping of the surfaces of the outer body for the purposes of aesthetic improvement. Cosmetic surgery evolved from plastic surgery,which was originally intended as a reconstructive or corrective medical science.The cult of cosmetic surgical enhancement continues to grow at an astonishing rate,with the UK industry recording a 25% rise in revenues between 2009 and 2010.There is seemingly no doubt that much of this popularity is fed by the daily diet of news stories regarding surgically-enhanced celebrities.Young people especially seek to emulate their idols by resulting their bodies,while the startling and impressive results of many cosmetic procedures are on daily display in the press.Men are far from immune to this phenomenon, with males aged between 20 and 40 representing the fastest growing customer demographic in cosmetic surgery.

Once seen as the preserve of ageing Hollywood celebrities,cosmetic surgery has lost any social stigma that was once attached to it,and has entered firmly into mainstream consciousness.A combination of falling prices and improving surgical techniques has made cosmetic enhancement accessible to a far wider potential customer base than previously.Breast augmentation,tummy tucks,liposuction and Botox treatments for example are now seen as relatively routine procedures,especially among the affluent and the young.People in competitive,highly-paid jobs often opt for cosmetic surgery as a means of getting ahead in the corporate world.Tens of thousands of British people now opt for surgical enhancement every year,at one of the estimated 5,000 clinics set up to serve them. The desire for eternal youth and aesthetic improvement is common among every social strata.It is a basic and accepted fact of modern life that people increasingly judge others primarily on their looks.

One of the major problems with the cosmetic surgery industry in the UK is the sheer number of procedures on offer,and the number of practitioners willing to perform them.Recent surveys have found that the majority of clinics in the UK simply do not have sufficient experience to carry out many of the complicated invasive surgical procedures they offer.Regulation of the industry is ineffective,and many clinics seek to attract new customers by offering the widest possible range of services.A high percentage of cosmetic surgery patients are repeat customers,undergoing their second or third operation, and this increases the real value of every new client that a clinic can secure.Ruthless sales tactics include interest-free finance,2 for 1 offers,and non-refundable deposits.Driven by profit,clinics also often recommend inappropriate procedures to clients and create unrealistic expectations as to the likely results.

Cosmetic surgeons owe a basic duty of care to their clients,and are expected by law to carry out cosmetic surgical procedures with reasonable care and skill.Specific medical complications include allergic reactions to anaesthetic,wound infection,and nerve damage potentially causing loss of physical sensation.A skilful surgeon must monitor patients to prevent pockets of blood or fluid from accumulating under the skin.It is also essential that a medical consultation has been carried out to identify contra-indications which make surgery unsuitable for an individual,such as pregnancy and diabetes.Botched surgery can lead to severe scarring and disfigurement.Often the emotional fall-out will be severe,destroying a person’s self-confidence and causing depression.The pain and suffering from a cosmetic surgical procedure gone wrong may be intense, and may impact on every area of a person’s life.

Bartletts Solicitors have cosmetic surgery lawyers that claim compensation for any type of beauty treatment procedure that has caused pain and disappointment. Our cosmetic surgery solicitors will claim compensation for cosmetic and beauty treatment injuries on a no win no fee basis meaning that if you win your claim you will keep 100% of damages awarded.

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