Wine Cellar in Fort Worth TX: Best Combinations of Wines and Desserts

So you are having a dinner party and you plan to finish it with a great dessert. You want to find the perfect wine from your wine cellar in Fort Worth TX to go with your dessert, but you do not know what the best pairing might be. You are in luck, because there are a few good general rules you can follow when picking out a wine accompaniment for your dessert. Here are some good wine-dessert pairings:

1. Chocolate and Port
The general rule of thumb is the darker the dessert, the darker the wine. Chocolate is no exception. After-dinner chocolates usually accompany rich meals. Chocolate desserts range from huge chocolate pies and cakes to tiny brownies or cookies. If you are making chocolate desserts to complement a rich meal, it makes sense have a special wine to complement the dessert. Most dark vintages will go with chocolate desserts, but port is the classic pairing for chocolate.

2. Cheesecake and Champagne
Cheesecake can be a tricky dessert to pair with any beverage. It is rich and creamy, yet often accompanied by a tart fruit toppings, or dark chocolate ones. This is one dessert that might go best with a non-alcoholic beverage nine times out of ten. However, champagne is a good choice for an after-dinner slice. It is bubbly enough to balance the heaviness of the cheesecake. Some sweeter Italian champagnes can be a good complement to cheesecakes with fruit toppings.

3. Cookies and Almost Everything
Because of the variety of cookies available, it comes as no surprise that there is a wine pairing for every kind of cookie available. In fact, if you begin your dessert planning with a wine and you want to find the perfect dessert to accompany it, you should look into cookie recipes that pair well with your wine. You can pick almost any vintage in your wine cellar in Fort Worth TX to pair with dessert cookies, from the simple to the exotic.

The dessert is the tasty finish for the meal, and it should be properly paired with a complementary wine. There are so many options that you may be overwhelmed at the amount of variety available. Or maybe you have a large wine collection and you want a place where you can keep it as well as host the wine-tasting parties where you can serve tasty desserts. For more information and wine knowledge, call Vineyard Wine Cellar in Fort Worth TX today at (866) 615-4008!

Love wines with meals, but how about wines with desserts? Here are a few of the best wine-dessert pairings for your wine cellar in Fort Worth TX!

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